Overbridge 2.0 BETA: Will this thing even work with ASIO4ALL?

So not sure how it’s gonna work, I could take a look at the BETA, basically you have two choices on Windows with the current software:

  • use the Digitakt as an audio interface, you get all the inputs, but the stereo out of the Digitakt becomes your main out, which goes…where? Directly to the speakers I guess. What about all your other gear? Do you need a mixer for this?

  • use ASIO4ALL, but it only sees the two stereo tracks. Same with the VST plugin.

What I (and presumably everyone else) really needs is the 8 separate tracks in your DAW, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any more tracks from other things. I have a lot of synths and I control them with the Digitakt, thats kind of the point, but if I use it as an interface all those synths wont show up in my DAW obviously…

So what’s the deal here, anyone knows anything?

BTW if somebody thinks this is too hard to do the TR8 does this pretty well, and you can aggregate it with other devices via ASIO4ALL or CoreAudio.

Asio4all is useless for any serious audio performance


Well I have an 8 in 8 out audio interface, using two sets of monitors, a tape machine etc. so basically I need to aggregate things since this is not supported on Windows on a system level. I get pretty good latencies too, not sure what you mean by “serious audio performance”. It’s not as good as my audio card’s native ASIO but its good enough for recording, even if I have to edit/sync things manually afterwards

Asio4all has terrible latency compared to any dedicated ASIO drivers
Useless imo

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That’s true but this is more of a need than a choice, as you have no other choice on Windows. I mean if something has enough outs its not a problem, but specifically with the Digitakt it is. I thing most people have other gear and they will want to run it side-by-side too, not to mention a quality interface is much better for monitoring or mixing, it just has a lot more detail and separation.

Yeah if you need to aggregate you are stuffed on windows.
Better get a audio interface that meets your needs or switch to Mac

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Well if it works on Mac (I havent tried this yet, but I do have a Mac), then I assume its gonna work with ASIO4ALL too? because at the moment it only sees the two stereo tracks for some reason. Which is already better than the double a/d d/a now quality wise of course.

Maybe the videos in this thread will answer some of your questions?


As far as I know Overbridge works differently in this regard (I’m no beta tester, so I’m not completely sure).

It doesn’t integrate as kind of audio interface in the OS (which you can then select in the audio i/o settings of the DAW), but uses it’s own plugin to get the audio in and out. That’s also the reason why the overbridge plugin provides its own audio settings (bit resolution/audio rate/buffer size …).

Also not in Beta, but I don’t think this is correct. I believe you can use the Digitakt as an audio interface, exactly as you use your regular sound card.

But there’s also a plugin, which lets you control the Digitakt from inside the DAW.

the plug in streams all 8 tracks (and Main L/R) over usb and you can simultaneously use anything you like as your audio interface in Windows without aggregating anything.

would be kinda useless otherwise.

the first stage of the beta (with just the drivers) didn’t do this… but then how would it?

As far as I remember, I could use my Allen & Heath Qu-SB‎ as the only ASIO device in Ableton, and stream the seperate tracks of my A4 through the older Overbridge, with my other synths using the Qu-SB…

So yes, I second what the_duckchild sais…

:smile: I wouldn’t say useless. It actually performs better than my Roland Duocapture drivers though fully aware that that is a basic entry level interface.

Where asio4all excels is when I’m on the move with my laptop and can’t be arsed taking the audio interface with me. Leaves me with pretty good performance on the go in my use case.

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Asio4all is as useless as tits on a bull

Overbridge is not like the USB streaming on a Roland Tr8 it is not replacing or acting like a sound card and affecting your current interface.

It works like the Virus ti controller vst and streams audio while acting as a vst to control the unit.

I have been using overbridge 1 streaming 8 channels of audio over USB from Rytm with a virus ti streaming 8 channels of USB without having to use asio4all and kept all my interfaces I/O for over a year now.

The whole asio4all bullshit debacle was the reason I first ditched the tr8 and bought the Rytm…

can confirm that asio4all recognises my 4channel djmixer soundcard and digitakt but only sees the digitakt as a 2in 2 out soundcard not a 10in 2out like it should . so i have failed to aggregate my devices and i had 3 more elektrons to sort out. it looks like the DAW davemech is using has better integration than reason and thus can access all his elektrons. or maybe he is strictly using elektron soundcards which aggregate over the OB engine and hes not got his DB4 soundcard in use.

I ditched my PC and switched to a Mac (Hackintosh) for this very reason. Aggregate audio works so much better than ASIO4ALL.

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