Overbridge 2.0 Beta - video #3: midi madness


Heya fellow Elektronauts,

Oh my lordy lord, it’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for this moment for over a year now. The first public beta is released and I was among the lucky ones to test it out. Thanks @Elektron ! Currently it’s in phase 1 and that means we can test the driver. In this video I use the Digitakt to show you current functions :slight_smile:

I’ll create more videos as they release more functionality. I’ll post them in this topic.

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The older, closed beta video’s:





Overbridge 2.0 BETA: Will this thing even work with ASIO4ALL?
Digitone user in Colombia

There is seriously something up with that digitakt usb port. I swear i have more trouble with that one than any other device

Really glad to see this becoming a reality. Cant wait


Man I laughed my ass off. That was really funny.


Thanks Dave!


Very nice video. There is no option to record the send fx as extra track?


Nice! Just one more shot foaming at the mouth would have topped it off lol! Looks like it’s gonna be nice.


looks great!



Brilliant! Thanks!


thanks for posting, looks promising! Hope the sync works good too, both as master and as slave…


Fab, clean! Sample from daw, yes! Thanks!


Just watched the beginning. Which OS do you have? I applied for the exact same thing (Streaming of multiple Channels at once) and i did not receive an invitation. Im on Windows 7.


Looks good! Pity there’s no streaming of the fx bus…
Would be great if you could use the Master channel as fx bus


Yeah that’s a nice surprise


So there are absolutely no snaps, crackles or pops in the usb streamed audio with OB2? One of my biggest issues with the first OB was that the annoying crackling / noise would always appear sooner or later when recording using it. It would be great if the new OB really is reliable on this front.


Judging from the comments in Facebook group it’s only for Win10 now.


Thank you Dave! Good stuff and I hope they will add the possibility to stream effects only on the main outputs. They are such a big part of DT sound.


I found out that setting the performance mode on the control panel settings to “fast”, rather than rapid or higher, solved this completely for me in OB 1 for the analog heat.

I used buffer size 64 and performance mode “fast” on the OB2 driver and it was as clean as a whistle.

OB2 driver uses usb 2 as well so it performs way better.


Glad everyone enjoyed the video! Thanks. Can’t wait to record the next one when new functions become available :slight_smile:


Most likely you’ll be able to exclude other instruments from the master bus? Correct me if im wrong but i can remember it being like that with ARmk1


That would be cool