Overbridge 2.0.47

Is there any news or release date for the Big Sur M1 driver?


And, again, we have to wait endlessly for up-to-date macos support. While most companies adapt easily to a new version, Elektron moves to the slow lane. Do they even have control over their software development team?


wow this wait is getting a bit ridiculous

hahaha since 2015 🥸

For what it’s worth… my AR Mkii arrived with 1.60b 2 days ago. I plugged it in and connected via USB to my Mac running Big Sur (latest) — overbridge was working… I don’t recall what version of OB it was - the app prompted me to update OB a few minutes later which I did and it stopped working.

Where can we find old versions of OB to downgrade and test?

I have no idea, that’s a really fair question. Not sure that there’s an archive of installers of previous releases publicly available. You may want to try checking download links from earlier News posts here on Elektronauts.

Otherwise; reach out directly to Elektron and see if they can provide you with one. Or just wait a little bit longer for the next release to be published? I would guess that it’s coming within the next month or two considering that Apple may have a new OS ready by the end of this year!

Anyone know here if Overbridge 2.0.47 works with Big Sur ? Has anyone tested it ? It doesn’t matte if its Analog Heat or Digitakt … Happy to receive some answers

Big Sur and Logic 10.6? When? It’s been months now. Need those multichannel for recording. This is getting pretty frustrating.


Best way is to contact Elektron.

OB 2.0.47, Big Sur (11.2.3), Ableton Live 11 and Digitakt 1.20A doesn’t work for me, unfortunately. Really hope this will be fixed soon.

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