Overbridge 2.0.47

We have an updated version of Overbridge that is now available to download. Version 2.0.47 addresses a number of bugs that had been discovered, offering improved performance. See the release notes for full info on what we’ve tackled.

We’re still hard at work on compatibility with macOS Big Sur, but we were eager to make these performance improvements available today.

Download Overbridge version 2.0.47 here.

Please note, Overbridge is not currently compatible with Logic 10.6. More information is available here.


looking forward to ride OB again :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Overbridge in standalone mode is a breeze, even on my oldest MacBook Pro „Late 2008“
this was such a nightmare a few years ago :exploding_head:

great for experiencing the A4!! no latency at all

btw is there no additional folder for the incoming sounds when transferring a sound pack vis Transfer/ sysex?

i do remember the Rytm had this one folder where the uploads or samples could be found

so whats the problem with big sur? Is Apple not reacting or do you have to rewrite the whole driver?

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AAX please

please just get it on big sur asap I don’t have a better way of recording whats on my digitone

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Previously on Elektronauts:


linux please.


Upgraded yesterday. Working fine so far and annoying Ableton crash error disappeared after closure. Thanks!

download not working. not that i expect this software to actually just work with my analog heat. but i was still gonna give it a try for the laughs and to have more reason t be mad at elektron.

Works like a dream with A4 and DT. Thanks.

Works perfectly with AH MK2 and DN :+1:


Ended up reverting to version 2.0.44 because the sound coming from A4 MKI was glitching occasionally in 24 bit mode. No issues with .44 on my mid 2014 mbp running sierra tho.
Really happy that Elektron has continued support for older devices and older os’es, very solid of them.

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I please wanna have a knob where i can TURN OFF audio over USB when in overbridge-mode. i dont wanna have that usb-traffic. for me there is still to much latency and i monitor all my other stuff via the console. AND!!! i need my usb connections for NRPN and MIDI traffic :slight_smile:


Switching off all the channels in the OB manager thing doesn’t work?

I take it this means I should wait to install overbridge on my M1?

Do we have any news about Big Sur yet? It’s taking a while now.


And Logic 10.6, too.

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Hoping for Big sur and logic 10.6 support soon