Overbridge 2.0.19 Public Beta

Is restarting the computer the only thing that works? I run into that bug on Mac occasionally and I can fix it by just turning off and on whatever device is showing a fault

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Loving this update. No problems with crashing and no glitchy artifacts/drop outs (it still happens if I really push my DAW, but that’s not an OB problem). Digitakt syncs nicely with other gear after fiddling with delay compensation in Ableton. Great stuff.

Running on Mojave.


There seems to be a problem with Mod-Wheel and Pitch Bend events from Cubase:

  • As soon as a Mod-Wheel (CC1) event occurs, the pitch bend is set to Min Value as well (thus, any CC1 is also interpreted as Pitch Bend minimal)
  • As soon as a Pitch Bend event is sent, the Mod-Wheel is set to 0 (thus, any Pitch Bend event is also interpreted as CC1 value 0)

Anybody else seeing this?

Yes it’s the only solution for me. I tried to restart the device, unplug re-plug, turn off elektron engine and restart it but no. I always have to restart my computer.

I noticed there’is a loop in the Elektron Engine soft, status indicate : “measuring, initializing, then fault” and it’s looping.

I’ve just installed the latest Beta

No sound from main and no fx only individual outs Rytm mk1

Windows 10

I7 32 gb

Ableton 10 suite

Heat working fine

All was working fine 2.017

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In overbridge mode the tempo of my DT has a locked symbol on it.

I intend to send the clock to my DAW

im wondering if this helps the multitrack fx. reverb and delay.
multi tracking always comes out dry.
Im using Cubase 10 artist. I cant really use this feature if the tracks keep recording dry with no fx.

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Send the clock from your DAW to the DT, not the other way around.

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Anyone using OB with Ableton, do not monitor the track you’re recording, use another track for monitoring. You will then have zero latency via OB.


Are “stuck notes” on Digitone fixed with this one or not? It’s not present in either fixed issues or known issues, even though it’s 100% known by Elektron as they explicitly said in my support ticket.

Thanks for the reply

I’d like the digitakt to control the tempo.

Mojave 10.14.6 rytm mk 2 os beta 1 , still not working already ONE YEAR !!, super disappointed with all this s@23@%

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I am new to Elektron. Got my Analog Rytm MKII couple days ago. Installed overbridge. I am on Mac (2018 i9 32GB 2TB SSD macbook pro / AMD Vega 64 eGPU/ Antelope Audio Zen Tour via Thunderbolt / Mojave 10.14.6 / Studio One 4.5)

In Studio One If the sequence play by Rytm it 100% fine but if I use Studio One to sequence the Rytm. Playback is all glitchy and crackle and missing beats. I tried to use maximum buffer size, safe buffer and maximum dropout protection in S1) Still the same.

And while the OB vst is running, Studio One became very very slow, even quite Studio One takes 1 min and usually just instant.

And my laptop and interface been recording 96khz 64 samples without any problem with Overbridge 48kHz 1024 samples still crackle like hell…

That’s not the correct way to do this though, you need to have the DAW in control of the tempo. There is no benefit in having the DT control the tempo.

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Hello! I think I found a potential bug in Overbridge when recording from my Digitone to Logic.

When recording instrument channels (3+4, 5+6, 7+8, or 9+10) with delay set on the DN the delay is not fed into Logic, but the rest of the audio is, so you get the non-delayed version when recording specific channels. However if you record the master channels (1+2) the delay is fed into Logic and is recorded OK. Of course recording master includes all of the instruments together.

When using the Digitone with its companion Overbridge app open, the sound comes out of my computer OK with the delay in-tact.

My setup:

  • Overbridge Beta
  • Digitone 1.21
  • macOS X 10.14.6
  • Logic Pro X 10.4.6
  • Late 2016 Macbook Pro
  • Digitone uses its supplied USB cable, runs into an Apple USB-C adapter, into the Mac via USB-C.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


Not an error. The effects are sends meaning there is one delay fed by the other tracks. The return feed is routed to the main outs, hence why you hear it when monitoring the main (½) outs.


Ok I figure out the reason of stuttering.
If I open the “edit/sequence/pattern” view in the studio one, the cracking/stuttering/distortion/missing beat will present.

But if I close the that view can only look at arrangement/console view, overbridge run perfectly fine without any crackling at all…Any one have solution for this?