Overbridge 2.0.19 no audio to Ableton

Hi all! I have a question:
Since I have updated my Analog four MK1 to 1.40 I also updated my overbridge as recommended to the latest version (2.0.19). But ever since the updates there is no audio coming in to Ableton.
The overbridge control panels shows all the channels, and there seems to be audio coming in, but in Ableton this seems to do nothing. I read on an earlier post that also the input channels on the A4 should be turned on, but also this seems to do nothing.
Also sometimes I get a messages in the overbridge VST that the OS on my A4 is not compatible.
I have made some screenshots. Can somebody help me out? I am sure I am doing something wrong but I can not figure it out.
Thanks in advance!

so here is says OB and the OS of the A4 are not compatible

This are the settings in OB Control panel, as you can see there is audio coming in

And no audio coming in :frowning:

Search here for 2.0.24 - that’s the current version you need

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Live saver! :slight_smile: I just missed that update, but everything works as it did before!
Thank you so much!

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