Output Master Volume


Is it important how you set MASTER volume knob? I set my TRACK volume from 100-127 (cca 115) and master volume at 11…
in OB volume input is always the same…

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To have a good signal/noise ratio, the best practice is to get the highest comfortable volume on the source side (ideally, right before the volume peaks would bring some distorsion) and to adjust the level on the mixing/recording side.
This is especially true with analog signals, of course.

Now if you don’t use master outputs and get all the tracks sounds in parallel on Overbridge, I guess it is not necessary to bother about master output: all the tracks are digitized anyway, so there is no noise added to the signal.
But still, I guess the rule of the highest volume before distorsion applies, you should try to get the best dynamics: the sound peaks are described with higher fidelity if you really make use of the 24 bits rather than having all your sound sitting on the first 3 bits :kissing:

Thank you very much… i have a problem, my signal, sound sometimes clips when it goes from one patteren to another. A have tried a lot what to do, but sometimes i have to put NOTE LEN, DECay and SUStain so that it does not overlay the next patteren…

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It might be because for instance the compressor is set very high on the second kit.
Keeping a constant volume level is important to detect such differences: you should IMO adjust the track levels and volume in the FX (such as compressor) without touching the Output Master Volume Level knob. This one is there only to adapt to e.g. a new place.

the master volume only affects the analog outputs, it has no bearing on OB, whether minimum or maximum


sorry where do i find the compressor on Analog 4 ?

what do you mean by IMO ?

thank you

No compressor on Analog4, IMO is in my opinion - you didn’t indicate your query pertained to A4 - so ill move topic to the correct subform