hey hows it going,

I’ve got 4 outputs running into a rme ucx - i’m getting the signals fine but i’m unable to utilise some of the machinedrums onboard fx e.g. reverb and echo when I’m routing them to outputs C D E & F,
the distortion and pitch shift settings are working ok but not the reverb echo and other fx

but if i route the same samples from main out A/ B/ - I am able to utilise the fx again,

Can anyone tell me what I may be experiencing here I would really love to be able to have 4 outs and be able to utilise the onboard fx system of the machinedrum.

any help would be really cool thanks

      • -dodec’s


When you route audio to the external outputs, the internal (master) FX are bypassed (EQ, reverb, delay, compressor).


ok cool, so the only way to use them is through main out A & B?