Other Ebay-like marketplaces?

Do you guys and girls know some good european/asian marketplaces like ebay and olx?
I specially would like to know what the majority of people on Japan and France use to buy and sell used stuff (specially music gear). Here in Finland for example there is tori.fi and muusikoiden.net/tori and in Brazil mercadolivre.com.br

I’ve used Reverb.com in Europe with great success and safety for a long time. I recommend it over eBay as it’s specifically musician-focuses


In France, best place for music gear is Audiofanzine.
For anything else, leboncoin.fr is the most used generalist second hand website.


Although I also live in Finland I’ve bought some gear from Sweden’s Vend.se and Tradera.com. It’s especially easy if the gear is located in Stockholm as you can just take a boat and pick it up face to face.

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In Germany I used

Always in person contact though!

Seconded - it’s usually so much better than Reverb for prices.

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The other advantage is that you can see for how long the user has been using Audiofanzine, there is also some kind of score that shows how implied the user is, and a confidence rate (number of sales that went good / total number of sales, I think this appeared in 2017).

The number of scams is rather low there.


Do you use Looper for payments much?

No, it’s twice the cost of PayPal.

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