OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


if only there were envelope following mod sources (both positive and negative polarities, so we could set up sidechaining) within the OT derived from any of its audio tracks, we would get these TRCs for free + also have sidechaining capabilities.

maybe in a mk3. we did unexpectedly get a sidechain compressor in the digitakt so who knows.

envelope followers are just so incredibly useful for audio processing, exactly the kind of thing I would hope to find in such a future-forward sampler as the octatrack


oh man, the idea of an envelope follower on the octatrack, assignable to any parameter, is blowing my mind


You can do it with Blocks.




Sorry…Reaktor Blocks

Set up an audio in from OT, add env follower, ad a midi out, set up channel and CC num to send that info back to whatever param you wanna affect in OT.

adding vid: just threw this together SUPER fast. took me longer to piece together the vid than set up the ENV Follower. just ran DT into blocks and used it own audio to trigger the ENV FWR to modulate the TUNE CC on track 2 in the DT. [no attempt at musicality, strictly for demo purpose]


yes, sure. plenty of ways you can do it with other software and midi (eg, numerology and m4l), but you’re limited to the 4 outs as following sources and you’re stuck with lower midi resolution than the OT would have for internal envelope followers. and you can’t p-lock this parameter on the OT sequencer itself which is where the real magic would happen.

but anyway this will never happen in any iteration of the octatrack so might as well stop dreaming :slight_smile:


For sure you can set up some kind of p-lock-ish thing in Blocks.

There is a sequencer that has rnd and cycle:x trigs.
And you can sync that to the DT. And run it back in.
And if it doesnt do what you want you can build what you want.

In Max as well. Im just not at that level in Max yet. So Blocks till then.

Not saying it wouldnt be nice to have implemented in the elektron boxes, but also saying youre not limited. Thete are all ways to get results.


I can’t find the answer to this in the manual or in other related threads here:

Is the fill mode only activated with trig conditions? The manual seems to suggest it can be manually triggered, but I can’t make it happen. Also, how does one program the fill? There’s no mention of that in the manual either, I have tried latching with the key combo, and it appears to change to a different mode, as all four page lights light up (where, in my case their had previously been two). If I enter trigs whilst in this state, they remain when I exist fill mode, so I’m actually editng separate fill pages it seems.
There’s something I’m not getting here, any pointers would be much appreciated,



You have to place some trigs with the FILL trig condition : place a trig, hold it, press left / right arrow, turn level button to choose FILL.

Activate FILL mode to hear them.


Yes, thank you… as I feared. The problem I’m having with that is, I can only then put fill trigs in places where they don’t exist already, otherwise the non-fill trigs won’t play unless the fill is triggered.
Again, I’m sure I’m missing something,

thanks for the reply.


Workaround with microtiming :
Place a /FILL trig (non FILL)
Place a FILL trig just after
Hold that trig, press left / right arrow, change microtiming to - 23/384

It will be played almost at the same time position. You can also place FILL trig before.


Thank you, that seems somewhat messy, particularly when opening projects with this sort of workaround and trying to figure them out in the future, I imagine.

So thank you Sezare for the prompt reply, hugely appreciated.


very clever, will need to remember that! with a carefully trimmed bit of silence on the beginning of a sample exact timing may also be possible depending on the specific situation


Is this how I use/play sampkes with loooong signatures? Is there a way to trig a one shot 24bar sample every 128 bars? Or can i only accompkish this as a manual trig?


I think a combination of individual track scale and conditional trig. Scale goes to 1/8 and conditional to 1:8, so combined would trig every 256 bars, using 1/4 scale with 1:8 or 1/8 scale with 1:4 would be 128 bars. Don’t have my OT to test, in theory it should work but may be buggy as per this thread: TRCs and One Shots not triggering in Arranger with 1/2 Master scale but if so I’d file a bug report…

Probably more ways, such as the arranger…


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