OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


only press page out of recording mode after you program fill trig condition takes one hand


I will try this soon. Thanks. Maybe the other person who said fill takes both hands will also try…

If it doesn’t work, I’ll start another thread, because I don’t want to fill up this thread with my “support” needs and junk.



i really really hope to one day see the octatrack at parity with the newer machines in this regard as well


2 buttons or 3 needed for Octatrack Fill.

[DOWN] + [PATTERN PAGE] to activate FILL mode for one pattern cycle.
[UP] + [PATTERN PAGE] FILL mode at any time, and for any duration,
[UP] + [DOWN] + [PATTERN PAGE] latch FILL mode
[UP] + [PATTERN PAGE] to unlatch FILL mode.


my mistake, I thought it was like the AR and the A4


Ah, I knew what he said was too good to be true. Next thing you’re gonna tell me is Santa Claus does not exist.



I wish that these shortcuts were MIDI accessible.




I updated yesterday.
Very, very happy about this…
It takes the Elektron sequencer and moves it closer to how I think about playing / programming music moreso than any other sequencer I’ve ever used.

I had a thing I thought was an issue, but I was just reading it wrong.
Suffice it to say, 4:4 does not mean play this every time.
It means play this on the 4th time of 4 repeats of said pattern.

Totally wicked.



I was going to make a new thread about this, but I think it would get merged with this one anyway…

my question: conditional vs. one shot trigs.
is anyone still using OST for fills?
I’ve been using conditional triggs a lot, but mainly for X:X propierties, probabilty too… but for sudden fill variations, I feel like OST might be easier since I only have to press one key (YES) instead of a combination (UP+PATTERN PAGE)

thoughts? do you think I miss any functionality this way?


You can combine OST + TRC !
Fills have latch and inverted Fill.


It is great that the Octatrack finally has trig conditions, but I feel that the implementation is not very good with regards to how they are accessed, compared to other Elektron gear they feel a bit buried away and not as easy to use being tucked away in the micro timing menu, the screen is pretty cramped and I find it fiddly using them.

It would make much more sense to hold the NOTE button (1st button under LCD) and a trig button and have a full size window pop up to allow clearer representation of the various conditions. This would also be more in keeping with how it works on the other machines I think, although not exactly the same.

Anyone else agree?


Also, it would be superb if there was the option in personalise menu to set whether the trig+NOTE button toggles or not, then when wanting to set a bunch of conditions on different steps it could be toggled on, then when done toggled off.


I agree.
And it’s nice that you’re back making OT feature suggestions. Chances are high that they will implement it within the next 6 years :smiley:
It’s not the best workflow with the microtiming menu. Far better on the DT.
But, I don’t want to complain. I never thought they come true


Skim reading through this thread it does seem that a lot of us are in agreement that they could be implemented better, might be worth getting a list of suggested changes together and sending in as feature request?


Any good video tutorials for newbies to Conditional Locks on the MKII? Thanks in advance


Hold down a trig, press up arrow…all you need is there.


left/right* arrow, and then turn the main knob for your setting.

If you’re curious about execution, start simple to ignite your imagination. A cool trick is overlapping trigs on the sequencer with microtiming and then set one to 1:2 and the other to 2:2- then let your curiosity unravel from there


After having some fun with Trig Conditions (TRCs) on my OT, I re-read my last wishlist-post for other OT-specific conditions, and wanted to share some new ides.

I see that the OT has the conditions of…

  • 1st
  • _1st

…to fire off a sample only the FIRST time a pattern plays. This seems equivalent/redundant to a One Shot Trig type (which was a good idea in the first place, considering the OT may play samples MUCH longer than an individual patterns).
I appreciate being able to set this behavior from either context.

I’ve realized the OT has some important additional contexts:
Audio itself.
While other electron synths have sound timing fairly constrained by ADSR, or AHR envelopes… the timing of some sound firing off on the OT can also vary (wildy) from expression of Slices, Rate, and TimeStretching (especially if these get modulated).

I thus propose Conditions upon the logic not of the Trig, but the DAC itself.
“Is the (Flex or Static) machine still generating sound ?”

So, how about

  • ThisTrackAudio
  • _ThisTrackAudio
  • NeighborAudio
  • _Neighbor audio

I imagine such conditions could REALLY open up new forms of generative composition, with both long ambient sound or short percussive sounds, and allow one to keep results as “uncluttered” or “busy” or “persistent” as you like.

Also, while at present, the “conditional rules can be applied to (Machine) Sample and (MIDI) Note trigs, Lock trigs, Trigless trigs, and OneShot trigs”…(OT manual, section 12.12)…
I’d still REALLY like to see (even basic) Trig conditions on the Recorder Trigs which already have their own One Shot (yellow) form and can already pull up the MicroTiming menu.

What do you people think ?


Great idea, not sure it will ever materialise though…