OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


one window for each microtiming/condtrig step is kind of tedious, I get it and works fine for me but if I can still ask a feature then it would be this.
Could it be possible in a future update when you select multiple steps say 4 steps or more and I open the micro/condtrig window those 4 steps will be changed in one go to fill etc… this would really speed things up. :slight_smile:


cursor up+scale for instant fill
curser down+scale for fill latch 1x
press both up+down+scale to hold the latch as long as you want.


It’s frixxxxin’ amazzzzznggg Sebastian


You think it’s possible to chain the AR/A4 fill button to the OT fill?


Yeah, with soldering. :zonked:
No midi for that apparently.


There something to do to improve it, for sure.

I think if multiple trigs editing was possible without writing a new Os they would have already done it.

Hold mode in Microtiming page would be ok for me.


Could do it mechanically :joy:


That’s too bad. That would be a great midi feature for creating really complex transitions across machines with one fill button held.


I’m seriously thinking about soldering a switch in order to hold Function.
That way you free one hand for certain fonctions…like FILL


Hey does anyone know what the ‘TRIG COUNT [U/D]…1’ is in reference to in the new trig menu? Doesn’t seem to mention anything in the update log…


It has always been there.


That’s not new. To quote the manual, it is “the number of times the sample trig should be repeated”. Only the TRIG CONDITION feature is new.


Trig Counts retrig enveloppes, Playback page RTRG don’t.
It is interesting to try it with several trigs with Trig Counts, lets say 4 or 8 counts, and with short envelopes. It’s boring to enter or copy/paste, but it can be more subtle than RTRG.


ah! Thanks that makes sense, I’d completely missed this feature before :slight_smile:


Thanks very much! I was hitting them at the same time, didn’t realise that you have to hold the cursor key first.


One Shots with Trc can make Fill with added conditions !

I don’t know if you can use FN+Yes to arm them and use Fill /Fill at the same time. Surely with Fill Latch.


Tested Fill + One Shots (armed with yes or Fn+yes), works like a charm, but it needs 4 fingers in up arrow mode. :smile:
Works with other modes too.
Thanks to [d-_-b] for the Conditional One shot idea. :wink:


I only found out about the new OS ith TRC about 10 days ago! What a great surprise! Will save loads of time counting steps for each track and lots of copy pasting for varying poly patterns, I’ll install the new OS once I’ve finished the track I’m working on … If there are any major bugs, I’m confident they’ll be uncovered within a day or two.

Now the only feature I really, really want and which I reckon Elektron could implement is scenes locking for Midi lfos. I get that scene locking for all midi parameters is not realistic - would cause many Midi devices to lock up, cause unsteady clock etc. But the lfo’s only I’m sure would be doable.

In any case, big hats off to Elektron for this. More recently I’ve thought the company has become a bit cynical, what with the ommission of key features on the newer boxes (next to no Midi out on the Rytm) and thought they’d introduce a number of neat fetures on the MK2 not on thr MKI to get dedicated users to upgrade. So this really is a pleasant surprise for me. As a result, I’ll pay far more attention to their next machine!


I’m not sure I would ever use this combination but pretty cool nonetheless


Fill Fun Fact:
When you use cursor up+down+scale for holding fill latch, You can switch to the fills available on each pattern where fill is being applied,
Then if you program the normal steps to stop playin when this fill is applied, you can create a second pattern in one go or a bridge,break etc…
it effectively is giving you 1 variation per pattern. In lack of a better word : You have a pattern fill chain at your disposal.

Do one has to be very quickly to do this on the fly programming fills live but it is possible ,If you pre program those fills you have 4x patterns+4x variations+4parts = enough fill fun for a life time.