OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


Plug a midi cable between Ot’s midi out to its midi in.


What does that allow you to do?


@sleeve I had the same reaction when I realised, very useful feature. glad im not the only one who missed it. and as for midi loopback, every parameter on each main page of OT responds to CC messages, also the crossfader responds to CC so it allows you to manipulate your audio tracks using your midi tracks, this allows things like using extra midi LFOs, P-locking the crossfader position and using the arp on your audio tracks. now trig conditions adds more depth to that. heres a post from earlier in the thread I made about it


Right on! Thank you very much for your help… Guess I’ll need to experiment with that now :wink:


Feature request !

An Hold mode to stay in Microtiming page, and modify TRCs peacefully. Quite boring to press trig+arrow > level knob.

FN+ARROW=HOLD Microtiming. :thup:
Edit : That combo is already used.


Patterns don’t need to be next to each other to be chained.


True, instead, they have to be in the same bank, which amounts to: on the same page. No live chaining a01 with b01, for example.


yes, little inconvenient. Would be great if it would stay in microtiming


I agree, float/hold micro timing screen would be nice.
but as you know, FN+ARROW is already in use for the track step offset (horizontal arrows) and changing track modes (vertical).
We’d need a different combo.


Yes I forgot and realised that after, I was in a conditional condition.
We have to find a combo. FN+Arrow while in Microtiming page maybe… :sketchy:


Still, trc, like microtiming, is a p-locked parameter. Hence the requirement to hold down a trig.

In this regard it’s functionality is at a certain level that would probably require some serious code juggling.

What helps me is to sing to myself, when holding that trig, “I just checked in to see what condition my condition was in”.

Yea, yea, oh yea.


We have to find a combo.

What about Octatrack MK3 with a dedicated button ?


Oh man after 1 hour I’m loving it. This glitch box is now even glitchier.
One thing I found, not sure if its been posted yet, if you have a %trc it will stop a freeze delay hold. I like this.


By far the most inspiring and creativity arousing update for the OT. Am i the only one thinking fill is a little weird implemented? On the MK1 I’ve to push 2 buttons and wait for it to happen once, or latch it with 3 buttons…It’s not as straight forward and immediately like for instance the AR & A4/K where you just push the page button for fill. Probably because the use of the pagebutton as a keyboard button in chromatic trig mode?


Is there a MIDI note for the fill modes? Wouldn’t that be great, to have a foot pedal assigned to fill, for example…


yes. But white coloured!


I agree with you. The fill mode is easier to use on the A4 and the AR.


Yes, that’s true. I guess if one needs to chain patterns in different banks, the Arranger is needed.


OK, I give up. Where’s the [PAGE] button to activate fills (with [DOWN] or [UP]) that’s described in the update PDF? Genuinely can’t find it on my MK1!


Try the Scale button.