OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


Select a Trig, holding it down Hit Left or Right arrow - this brings up the Microtiming and Trig Count menu.

Now you can scroll through the trig conditions with the Level knob.


thanks man! I was getting crazy


It work with % in audio tracks. :thup:
With midi loopback too, NEI…

It is a new world ! I’m going crazy.

I have to go to work !!!


Puuh. Now that it’s out, I have to re-read this whole thread again


Everything works fine, for the moment. I’m testing right now the new OS.


God damn! That’s almost as significant as trig conditions for me. I still lose shit from the buffers on a regular basis!


Hmm, I didn’t think about downloading the previous version as backup until it was too late, and now I’m a bit hesitant to install the new one before other people have given it a good road test, since I don’t have a convenient way to roll back to 1.25h if I need to. I wish they kept previous versions available.


I would guess that if you send a message to Support citing rollback as a reason, they’ll send you a copy.


Somebody here will have it regardless. Anyway - These trig conditions are amazing - well done to Elektron :slight_smile:


Yeah, I would too, it’s just be nice to have it right there. Sounds like things are working well for people so far, so hopefully it won’t be a problem.

Anyhow, I won’t be using it live before January so it’s really not a big deal if it’s buggy for a day or two and I have to roll back, and I can appreciate why Elektron wouldn’t want to encourage people to use different versions, since that’s just more variables for them to deal with.


I have C, E, H kept on my card and computer with bin_ at the end. :wink:
So I think I’m not the only one to have them.
No problem if needed, ask ! :wink:

I downgraded from H to E without problems.


Thanks! At any rate, I’m going to install it later this afternoon, since I’m working from home today.


Yeah, I’m listening a stupid one bar loop with TRC on audio track with /PRE vs TRC on 2 midi tracks with /NEI ! I have to try to modulate midi tracks with other midi tracks and go to the hospital after ! :loopy:

I didn’t go to work today ! I wanted to buy something and I realised it was a day off ! :smile:


I have all OS .bins starting with 1.0 still on my card.
Let me know if you need any.


Thanks, I doubt I will but if I do I’ll be in touch. Wasn’t sure if the mods were cool with people discussing that, since sharing firmware is technically against the TOS for downloading it (I know nobody really cares in cases like this but still better safe than sorry right?)


If it’s in the TOS, that would mean official service/support is only guaranteed for the latest OS, downloaded from elektron.se, thus absolving elektron of a legal requirement to support a buggy older OS or a possibly corrupted one not obtained from their site. (not meaning they won’t give support, but they will tell you to install the official current version)
but i’d be surprised if the terms of service were voided for users sharing .bins for archaeological purposes. (as long as your support issue is happening within the latest and official OS).

to stay on topic, my most used trig condition right now is ‘8:8’. it magically improves simple one bar grooves by a factor of eight. ; ) i like seeing all my trigs on a single, one-bar page, but having a variation happen every 8 bars. it’s so much more convenient than tempo multipliers or pattern chaining in the arranger.


I may be pointing out the obvious but I didnt realise for a while but just in case you didn’t know you can chain patterns without using the arranger, when you press Pattern+a trig to change pattern you can press multiple trigs in a row and it will link the patterns. I didnt realise it for ages


U just blew my mind. How did I not know this!? Thank you.


yes that’s a cool feature,
but it still requires mutliple patterns with pre-set lengths and they need to be next to each other in the pattern chooser. so the conditional trig x:y simplifies the process of programming recurring variations nicely and also lets you see the variation trigs.

speaking of ‘i didn’t realise for ages’: i recently finally realised i can use physical midi loopback to control 2 dj eqs on two different audio channels from one midi encoder page. in hindsight it seems so simple, but it still took me a while. finally i can dj on the OT with dedicated EQ controls without absolutely requiring an external dj mixer, or a midi controller. another topic…


What is midi loopback?