OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


is it out yet?



How in the … what? Pray tell; how do you do that? I’ve maxed my 3 LFOs out on most of my tracks for slice, timestretch, and/or repeats.

So you can do conditional trigs on MIDI tracks and have them control the audio tracks? Fascinating.


Quite simple : plug a midi cable between Out and In.
Default audio tracks channels are 1-8.
Set your midi tracks correspondingly.

You can also set all audio tracks on the same channel, and control all them with one midi track channel. That way you can control all tracks filter with one knob, for ex. So you can also use the 8 midi tracks on the same channel and use the 24 lfos for all audio tracks, and TRC of course.


Scroll down to octatrack for CC info, plug OTs midi out into its own midi in and set the midi channel to the same as the audio tracks midi channel in project>midi>channel. trigless lock on the midi track using function+trig then P-lock CC values and set TRC for that trig in the microtiming menu, voila

edit: @sezare56 beat me to it! Ah well the CC chart is still useful


Yep. :wink:
There are missing CCs in that chart, such as CC48 crossfader…so it’s good to refer to manual Appendix C too.

That chart was apparently made for a Bitstream 3x controller. I have it, but don’t use it…


Ah never realised that, I always remembered 48 was crossfader so I never realised it was missing, hmm wonder what else is missing. I stumbled across it once and always had it bookmarked. I never really messed with loopback too much, are the midi channels LFO designers independant of the audio ones? Also if I did choose to use all 24 midi lfos modulating audio then I also used 7 neighbour tracks and used all 24 LFOs there would OT be able to keep up?


Just do it ! 16 lfo designers, but 3 neighbors max.

A workaround is for ex to have Track 1 with T2-3-4 as neighbors, record T4 with T5 recorder and play it with Flex Recording (+1 microtiming for realtime playing), add T6-7-8 and you have 7 neighbors.


Ha clever little workaround that is, nice one. Im mad excited for TRCs at this point, I wonder how long its gonna be


It’s already here :slight_smile:


With bugs. :slight_smile:


You just made my week!


Which ones? Should I wait before installing this update?




I just saw this, I don’t know…


You ruined my day, I had to work ! :smile:
So be it, update.


Did the update just reduce the screen size? need to dig in!


Yes, it becomes inverted and your Ot fade to grey, with new buttons ! :smile:


Unsaved RAM recorder slices are not discarded at startup.

YES !!!


Hi mates, where are located the trig conditions? Maybe I’m a bit fool, but I don’t find them lol