OT Setup issue


Hey there, I am currently working on my new recording set-up in my home studio. I am running my synths into a Mackie 1402 Mixer which goes into my Fireface. The main outs of my OT go into two separate channels of my Fireface. I want to use the AUX effects of my mixer on my OT. If I plug the OT into my mixer, I will create a feedback loop, right(? - haven’t tried it though).

Anybody who’s got a solution or tip for this kind of problem?



No issue, you didn’t try !
You can plug it in your mixer, no feedback if OT channels have AUX set to 0.
Alt 3-4 can also be used for recording.

Feedback can be very interesting with OT!


Try it first before guessing if there will be a problem. Pobably there won’t be one.
You can turn down the volume for direct input.


I don’t see any loop in the system you described. No audio goes back from the fireface to the mixer, from the fireface to the octatrack or from the mixer to the octatrack. You should be good!


Is this OT routing and gain staging day or something? :thinking: Did I miss the announcement? Multiple similar threads… :smile:


Nice. This works fine! Conquered my fear of supposed feedback loops. Thanks.


Is there a way to record the outputs of my mixer into the OT with this kind of set-up? I tried it but I definitely got feedback when I am turning up the GAIN or MASTER of the inputs


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Just to give you hope, yes, there’s actually quite a few ways to do it. I tried to type stuff out but I’ve got a cold and just not feelin it… But you’ll get there, someone will help eventually… :slight_smile: