OT Science Lab - 1 year study - who’s up for it? [LAUNCHED]

Another: “Childhood revisited”

Your earliest favourite TV show as a little kid, find an episode on youtube or from video, dvd or wherever, you make a track using only the theme tune and any dialog or sound fx from it.




Love this idea. Might generate a lot of inspiring ideas for the community. Interested to participate too.

Now two questions and I hope it’s not been asked/answered already …

  1. Is it okay to do the final recording of an audio-demo using tape, DAW, digital recording device, etc., if nothing else is done than the recording itself?
  2. How long should audio-demo samples be? I think 10 or more minutes of “creative noodling” could be a tad too long. How about a limitation to keep it about 1 to 2 minutes for demonstrating the scientific findings?

nostalgie :upside_down_face:

  1. Yes that is ok, although you can also use the track recorder on the OT provided the length will fit

The advantage of this being that if you end up with a bunch of stuff that could be used for further OT mangling, or a compilation/mashup/remix.
2. I think it should be as long/short as you see fit, I tend to often favour shorter 2-3 min pieces myself for most of this kind of thing if needs be, but if the piece needs to be longer then fine.


Good challenge! i would join if I could use midi.

Ahhh the challenge to create more Operating Thetans!

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Count me in. This sounds like a good time!

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Reminds me of back in high school / college when people would ask the teacher / professor how long a paper should be and the response I liked was “As long as it needs to be.”

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You can apparently.


very cool then! the stage where im at the moment, a year into the octatrack and saved learning about midi for later😉

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Been reading through the thread and I’m keen to join… got a great deal on an OT Mk I towards the tail end of last year as I’d been enjoying my DT so much. So was wanting to use it as the centre for an album I’m wanting to write. But I was over-complicating how I was going to do that. And my plan for music time this year was split between my ongoing collab with my best pal, prepping a live set and this album. I was just about set to ditch the idea but the constraints of this ScienceLab will help me to focus on getting the album written.

I think for my source samples, I’ll use my DT library of drum/synth one-shots and then combine that with sampling a bunch of stuff like old patches for synths I wrote years ago, or MNM patterns I wrote 10 years back when I first got it - all that sort of jive. So, lots of recontextualising old ideas and such like. Happy to share as much or as little of my process as people find useful (you may have guessed that I’m pretty adept at rambling on a topic) and hopefully those thoughts won’t be too amateur-hour.


Let’s go everyone!

I just re-bought the 0-Coast for this project (powerful MIDI to CV convertor) and ordered a battery-powered FM radio off Amazon.

We just need the official start date from our illustrious leader then we’re off.

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Yea, so @darenager, when’s the official start date and should we use this thread for posting results, or set up another?

Octatrack: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Science Lab Elektronauts. Its one-year mission: to explore strange new sounds. To seek out new workflows and new conceptualizations. To boldly resample where no machine has sampled before!


^ That gets an applause ^ And thanks @Open_Mike for giving this a name “Octatrack - The final frontier” love it!


Good point, maybe we should have a sticky locked topic containing the guidlines and with a link to this thread to make it easier to find, then a submissions area with links and resources if that is possible? If not then people can just submit into the thread directly - what do you think?

As for start date perhaps as soon as we have the above decided? I was planning on writing up some more ideas and jumping off points and I’d be keen for others to do so too, maybe these can come along at any time though throughout the duration as well.

To my mind the key points are these:
All audio must and ONLY come from the Octatack main/cue outputs. No post polishing etc.
Documentation is encouraged, dates, notes, comments etc.
The prime directive is to take part, learn, contribute, have fun and end up with a bunch of music at the end.
And a final key point - failed experiments are valuable too.


Right, I just had another thought :thinking:

What say I write up a document of 12 missions, 1 for each month, and these 12 missions are required to be completed as a bare minimum, then also a bunch of other optional modules, ideas and concepts which can be supplemental and used in part, added to or ammended by participants for further projects to be incorporated into the project, these could be entirely optional due to individual users desires, time constraints and interest?

The 12 main missions need not be completed in any particular order, the only requirement being that by the end of the 12 months all have been done.

As a way to gauge interest like this post if you think it is a good idea and comment by reply if you are not keen. If there is a majority of likes then I’ll type up a pdf, and paste in this thread, if not then we can do something else.


I’m in. I’ve been trying to focus on using OT with my guitars to create quasi improvised music generated while playing. I think it’s sezare has some great examples and a few others so this would prob be my focus. Great idea.