OT Science Lab - 1 Year Study - 10 - Earworm

Make a earworm/ear candy short piece using only the supplied sample. An exercise in sound design.


Your piece must be between a maximum of 30 seconds long and a minimum of 1 second, think computer startup or system sounds, advertising jingles, audio illusions or anything that can be considered attention grabbing, interesting or persistent after it has finished.

You have a free reign to use any Octatrack functions, but you can only use the supplied sample (Lab Earworm) it is recommended to explore options in the arranger, scenes and tempos, but use your imagination to fulfill the brief.

You are encouraged to do as many entries of this type as you wish.

Post your entries in this thread.


Here is mine, I decided to try to create a ident with a retro feel, like an 80’s TV channel ident or computer start up sound, good fun.

Here is just the audio:


Sounds rad. I’m definitely picturing exactly what you described, so good work. How did you achieve this?

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Thanks, I used 5 tracks, looped sections of the earworm chord sample to create wavetable type sounds (as outlined in Lab notes doc) then used 3 of the tracks to create the fluttering chord using LFO on volume, then 1 track for the riser using ramp LFO on pitch and a bit of delay, then for the melody just created a chime type sound. I used the crossfader to manually fade the chord.

I ran out of time tonight to do everything that I wanted so I might tweak it a bit, add some fx and panning, I will probably do some more entries for this one as it was good fun.


Redid with a bit of tweaking added panning and reverb.


These sound ace, and sound like good little palate cleanser between the more in depth challenges. Especially like your second, there’s almost a wee early Kraftwerk-y vibe to the start of it. Like side B of Autobahn or one of the more esoteric moments from Radio-activity.

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Mix it with the first one and it will be finished. :wink:

:joy: I’m on cowbell now Monsieur!

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Thanks, yes I think once people get started on theirs they will enjoy the process, it is quite an interesting challenge and I will probably do some more later.

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Try when you can!
And make a big kick with the cowbell! :slight_smile:

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You know what, I think you are right they would sound better combined, I prefer the first one for its overall feel but the second has slightly nicer ambience so I will try combining them tomorrow :wink:

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Here we are! Decided to do the ol bVI-bVII-I progression (Biiilllyyyyyyy Sheeeeeaars!!)

Made the bass from a wavetable, then I used the comb filter to get the pitches better. The little sparkly SRR-affected melody is also wavetable stuff. The whooshes and swirlies are LFOs sent to the rate at varying depths, speed, waveforms.

Everything has its own little reverb, and I also have a phaser and a reverb on the master track…Ended up using all eight tracks, actually.



Like that?


Deeper, more low end! :content:

Listen on bigger speakers :joy:

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1.5W! Not enough?

Mine go up to 11 :rofl:


Yeah. I admit that’s more than 10. :slight_smile:
But what bother’s me the most is that you’re totally off topic unless you place a kick in your earworm. :stuck_out_tongue:

No way :no_entry: :rofl: