OT Practical Workflow for Sampling?

Hey guys, my current workflow when recording samples is:

-Setup a few flex track and assign respective recording buffers for playback.
-Record some loops to these from external gear.
-Manipulate, put random triggers, adjust start times, filters, lfos etc.
-Then when I come up with something interesting save.

The problem is I don’t want to save my recordings to flex slots because that steals the precious ram memory for recording. But if I save to a static slot, to re-assign these samples I have to switch all the flex tracks to static. And this resets my track settings. So the pattern doesn’t play like the way I programmed it before saving.

I hope I made it clear. I love the immediacy of sampling a few loops to flex tracks from my gear and quickly building a pattern, but when it comes to saving is there way to save to static slots without messing the pattern? Or is saving and assigning to flex the only way? What is the smoothest way of sampling and not killing the workflow with this type of stuff?

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Resample using src3 and selecting the track, just try to reserve 1 recorder specifically for that purpose. It’s not too much hassle only working a few bars at a time then you can save and assign that to statics.

another idea, you could use a different bank for experimenting with patterns/sequencing external gear etc. sample/save to statics and arrange from Bank A with a fresh slate so you don’t get in your own way or lose where you’re at. Then you can think of Bank A like a stem player and you can clear patterns from your experimental bank without losing anything. You’re always gonna have to resample either way if you’re processing sounds inside OT

I’m interested, how big of deal is this to you?

We almost certainly have different workflows, but limited flex memory hasn’t typically been a big problem for me. Are you running out frequently?

What length samples are you recording (steps, bpm)?

Save the sample , make sure you name it so you can find it easily. When it says ‘assign to flex, assign to self etc’ just press no.
Then that sample is saved to your audio folder. You can load it into any slot on either a flex or static machine in the normal way.

You shouldn’t ever run out of RAM. Once you have saved the sample, it is now stored on the flashcard, so RAM is restored.

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I mostly record 4 bar loops (piano, bass, synths, drum machines etc.) to flex machines. RAM is not an issue at this stage but saving these samples to flex slots keeps reducing available RAM and starts becoming a problem eventually.

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Thanks for the input guys, useful ideas! Maybe saving my recordings and assigning to free flex slot is still the fastest way without interrupting the vibe. This way I just have to quickly name the sample and then choose it from the flex slot. And when RAM starts becoming an issue just start a new project.

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exactly yesterday evening had the same issue when jamming. what i figured is that you can copy and paste slots

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