OT MKII - "Radio Gaga" Sequence


Hi Guys, i have to play Radio Gaga by Queen, I have a keyboard that has no sequencer so i have to use my OT.
What i would like to do is exactly like this video:

someone has an idea about how can i do it? i think that i have to do a basic pattern that start to play from the tone that i trigger (don’t know… MIDI transpose?) and only when the not is triggered.

Help me guys, please


To make the bass you need to use OT ARP, with 3 octaves I believe (this ARP is pretty awesome, you can even set the key for the song if needed)
To be able to play chords with no ARP at the same time you need to split the keyboard so that left part is redirected to the MIDI Track with the ARP set, and the right part to another track that woudl trigger only the chords.


If you want this exact bass line you should program it using the arp setup page. Why do you need to play the song though?


download the stems as Wavs, load them into your OT, hit play :laughing:


Real quick, how do you change the key? Any time I see the arp thing it says F but I can’t figure out how to change it.

Yeah op are you in a queen cover band or something? If so can I join? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s in the arp setup page. PDF manual p. 92.


Thank you guys it was really helpfull. At the end i’ve made it with the arpeggiator and it was preatty easy actually!

No it’s for a single gig, with a lot of Queen stuff actually, we are alredy too much people, and i’m in italy so nope, we’re not searching for other memebers :sunglasses: