OT MK2 Third party power adaptor question


This is a very noob question. I have a 12V, 1A centre positive (output) MyVolts power adaptor which I have used with my OT Mk2 without any issues.

However, I think I might have used this adaptor by mistake as I originally bought it for my Microbrute. The other day I found a spare unlabelled switching adaptor 12V, 2A (output) centre positive in a drawer, and I thought this might be the one I got as a spare for the OT in the first place, as the Elektron PSU-3b is rated 2A in output.

My questions is, do you think I can safely plug the spare power adaptor 12V-2A in the OT?


As long as it’s 12v and the polarity is right, it’ll be fine.


Thank you!