OT mk2 stand that aligns with A4/AR mk2?

I’m looking for a stand for the Octatrack that makes it so it aligns with the Analog Four mk2.

It looks like the A4 is angled at about 10 degrees, while most stands are angled at 15 or so. I am kind of OCD, and this would irk the hell out of me. Also they will be on the same stand so having them at different angled is going to be functional annoying as well.

I would prefer something that isn’t really too visible or stays out of the way, so those big wooden ones I think are out of the question.

Anyone know of a stand like this?


My too. That’s why I chose OT, A4 and AR MKI!

What about cutting 2 pieces of wood with 10 degree angle you’d put under the OT?


I’ve got it very close, unfortunately the Octatrack mk2 is just a different shape,
Wish it was the same form factor as the other mk2s

I’m just using the cheap ikea laptop stands for the AR and A4 and a proper stand for the OT from futurebeatmedia off eBay.
I’m pretty happy with this set up and can still use the protective lids also
but if you find a better way let me know


I could make a 3D printed design if people are interested.

I seem to keep seeing requests for very specific stands. I don’t have the capacity for massive output but simple niche stuff like this I could make on request possibly.

I just had a second son a few days ago so I won’t be quick but I’ll come up with something and post back here.

My previous “flush excursions”


Nice work man


I’m sure some stands that angle both styles digi and mk1 and the larger mk2 A4 and AR at the same angle could be popular, as there really is nothing available I could find


Since those boxes are the same height making ones for the Digi’s and MKI devices should go hand in hand.

Now for measurements and test prints…

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I’d buy it for sure.

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Okay guys :slight_smile: I’ll get a prototype done in the next couple of days. No sleep with the newborn and toddler running around anyway :joy:


These are the ones I’m already using for the digis and ot from future beats media
If you make a larger mk2 type stand to match the angle it would be good for me at least,
Or you going to design matching stands for both types from scratch ?


The first ones will be to make the MKI devices and Digi’s angles flush with the MKII devices in their natural state. Others may come after.

Probably ones where they give all of the devices the same “increased angle” beyond the 10 degrees as well.

Making ones based on other stands would be difficult if I can’t take measurements and do test prints. I could get close but not likely perfect.


Quick question: Would you guys prefer side panel stands that screw on or ones where the unit sits on top of the stand?

Side screw is like

The plus side is they don’t require cross bars and stay attached when you move the unit around.

Down side is that it adds about 20mm of width to the unit.

Sit on is like

Plus side is that you can easily remove the unit from the stand and doesn’t add any width to the unit.

Both are very stable

Also I’ll probably print these in black and light gray colors. Any color requests?


My preference personally is a stand they would sit on, that way I don’t have to mess around with the hardware in any way and can keep it minty fresh.

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I move my setup around a lot, so sit on would probably be my preference. I do really like (aesthetically) how those side panels look though.


Okay, sit on comes first then :slight_smile:


Sit on and black😎

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Sit on top, I need this too please


Sit on. Black


Something that was important to me when choosing mine was if they can fit the
decksaver protective lids. that might be something to consider too.

If they sit on top then should be able to fit the lids


I removed my custom screw in stands from the ARMK2 today so I could start some measurements.
I just propped up the Octatrack MKI to check the angle and height. It looks as if the MKI devices are too tall to sit flush with the MKI devices unless both of them are on stands.

I propped up the ARMK2 (not perfect) close to flush to get the idea.

Since it’s the case of both units needing stands, the original angle of the MKII units is irrelevant.

I’m hoping to keep the stands in the $15-$25 (I’ll shoot for the lowest end possible).

I know you have those other stands, do you know the angle on those?

I was thinking I’d just make a few angles. The original 10 degrees…
I’m a fan of the 30 degrees (all my flush stuff behind the Digitone Keys is 30 degrees) that I posted above.

Let me know how you guys feel about this.

I want to solve the issue for the least amount of money possible but It’s looking like it will take a stand for each device you are using.

If you’re okay with multiple stands let me know what angles you would like.