OT MK2 + Dreadbox Nyx V2

Just got a Dreadbox NyxV2 and something doesn’t sound right. It seems like it’s not reading the “note off” MIDI signal from the OT. Once you play a note it holds forever until I double-press stop on the OT to send an “all notes off” signal.

At this point I’m not sure if this is the intended behavior, if I’m missing something obvious or if the Nyx is faulty.

Unfortunately I don’t have any other MIDI controller available to test, but I use the OT to sequence/play other synths with no problem at all.

I recorded a video that demonstrates the aforementioned behavior, does anyone else here in the group have a NyxV2? Does this seem to be wrong to anyone else?

May seem like a small thing, but have you tried turning the units on without a midi cable attached, then attaching them when booted up, or vice versa, maybe turning on octatrack with a midi cable in, but not attaching to the nyx until it is powered on. Stuff like that. I have had some weird midi hangs on startup on various types of machines.

Have you turned off the “Drone” switch on the Amp envelope section of the Nyx?

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Yes I did. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I tried it to no avail.

How about the dip switches on the back? “As with the Erebus 3, we also find the NYX 2 a DIP switch circuit with various functions: DIP 1 activates the new autotuning function (handy feature), DIP 2 the paraphonic mode, DIP 3, 4, 5 for changing MIDI channels, 6 for service mode and 3, 4, 5 together for a drone mode. As small as this blue circuit is, so much is hidden here.”

Also, are your envelopes values set low, like release not a at max, etc. also check the modulation settings.

In the manual it says "-Note(s) on/off. Gate out patch, converts midi gate-to analog gate. ".

So you could try patching the gate out to the amp to see if that works. Might help trouble shoot.

Unfortunately there’s an issue with a few units, I just received this email from Dreadbox.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

Thank you for your purchase, and I am really sorry to see that you have issues…

We have a few reports like yours , with very specific controllers…

I ll be honest with you, even thought we are investigating, we haven’t manage to replicate the issue here in the workshop yet…

But we are fully working on this so as to find a solution - hopefully in the next 5-10 days!

If you decide to keep your unit, it will have to go to our service department in USA to add a new firmware and a boot loader once the solution is found.

I am really sorry for this inconvenience , I wish there was something more I could do :frowning: (

Please if you need anything let me know!

Best regards


Another user has been having problems with OT & Nyx V2:

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Hi - I had a problem getting the two together when directly connected by MIDI cable.
Luckily, for some reason, it works fine (ARP, simulated keyboard, LFO, etc) when both are going through my MIDI interface - I’m using an iConnectMIDI4+ (have not tried it with anything else tho).

Any news if MIDI issues have been resolved? The synth sounds very appealing!

According to the firmware update release notes this has been fixed, but I didn’t try it so can’t vouch for it.

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Yes, the latest firmware has resolved these issues. You can download from Dreadbox: https://www.dreadbox-fx.com/nyx2/

FYI: to get the Nyx to accept the firmware you have to set the set the Sysex Librarian to a slower transmit speed, 50% worked for me and increasing “pause between played messages” to 500ms allowed the firmware update to work. Believe Yiannis is going to update the firmware docs to reflect this.

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How is the synth? Ive been looking at it for a while but still unsure how much I really want it.

Have only had the v2 for a week and am in the process of comparing it to v1.
Most importantly they have the same sound/sonic character, brief differences:

  • V1: Crazy Tube Circuits reverb (!), mod reverb CV input (both contribute a lot to sound design potential), pots/switches/sliders/sockets attached to case (sturdy).
  • V2: larger patch bay and increased mod1+2 range with variable hold level (both make a big difference), PCB mounted pots/switches/sliders/sockets, additional reverb modulator/output.

As there do not appear to be any direct v1/2 comparisons online, I’ll post a more complete comparison once I’ve had a better opportunity to spend some time with them.


Thanks for the reply and info comparing the two.

Also interested in the Nyx 2 as it’s one of the few analog “vintage sounding” synth modules below €500.

I’m looking for juicy gritty leads and bass and the sound demos are telling me Nyx 2 can deliver.

The filters are 2-pole 12dB slope right?

So have you had any chance to compare them yet? Got a v2 already but thinking of selling it and get a v1, mostly for the reverb.

Did record a quick video, but not had an opportunity to edit and upload.
v1 reverb is much nicer.
v2 patch points and modulators are more flexible.