OT MK2 Automating program change

Hallo, I want to automate controlling patterns inside octatrack by plugging midi out to in. I plugged everything and midi is fully working. But For example I want to control program change of number patterns via lfo or triggers. Is it possible t do that without any daw or computer? If Yes please help me to figure out.

Thank You for Your efforts.

OT responds to program change messages, and those cannot be automated by LFO’s as you might have read in the manual or figured out by yourself when browsing the LFO target lists on the OT itself.

You will need a midi processor to convert CC’s into PC’s.

Here’s a link to a very informative post detailing how the OT reponds to PC’s:

EDIT: just a warning: when using midi loopback make sure you have a audio channel set to the same midichannel for every midi track that sends out midi messages, otherwise you’ll get a midi feedback.

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Ok, Thank You for help.

Why not use the Arranger, the Octatrack’s built-in means for automating control of its patterns without any need for MIDI loopback?


So if I understand is possible to use lfo or automate on other mods patterns?

No. In the Arranger, you would have to pre-program the timing of the pattern changes.

Yes i know but is not verry usefull I always do that on reaktor by lfo or step mod and adding probability for that. Thats why I want to control by program change