OT mk1: which FX work for static machines?


Definitely true, and it’s wrtten on the label. If there was a mandatory checkbox that says “I relealise this is a Live Performance Sampler” we needed to check before posting, the volume of content on the forum would be devided by 2


I had to sign a waiver when I got mine saying Elektron would not be held liable for any effects on my mental condition and sanity while learning the machine… Is that not standard? :thinking: :grin:


Just while learning? Oh, I see - learning never stops with such a machine.

When I remember correctly there was also a small print about all kinds of side effects like forum addiction and alienation with relatives… :grin:


i feel a little itch reading that sentence. i´m on day two with the digitone, very nice synth for sure. but coming from OT there´s a lot (!) I miss on digitone.
just wanna say the OT is VERY well thought out too. took me a long time but meanwhile i totally understand what these guys (or this guy) were thinking back then. pure genius. everything makes sense, especially the volume knob.


Everything I thought was backwards about OT (and AR) in the beginning after awhile clicked and then I thought it was flippin genius… Soooo much thought went in to this box to make it so functional and flexible… Took a minute or two to realize…

It’s like: Why is it like that? Why is it like that? WTF Why is it like that?..
Then one day, OMG I see why it’s like that and it’s soooo much better that way…


never clicked, but suddenly it was there ! took a day or two to realize :wink:


Quick question… is there an easier way to trigger the start of 4 long stems - 1 on each track (so T1-T4 in my case)? At the moment, I place a trig on the 1st step under grid step mode (record ON button) for each of the 4 tracks. Then I hit PLAY and quickly disengage the trig on each track and exit recording mode before it reaches the end of the bar (the 16th step… so as to not repeat). I have to be very quick in doing this otherwise some tracks may repeat and the whole thing will get messed up. My workaround has been to add an extra 3-4 seconds of silence (did this in the DAW) at the start of each track to buy me some time. Surely there must be a less clunky way of doing this, is there not? :face_with_monocle:


You can make them one shots or use 1st trig condition