OT Mk1 question regarding Thru machines

Hello, new to the OT, but not Elektron machines. So I’m slightly confused on the behavior of the OT mk1 regarding using thru machines. I’ve read and seen that you’re supposed to place a trig on the first step of the sequencer to allow the OT to listen to the incoming audio. I have for instance, the analog keys going into A B, and I place the trig on the sequencer. When I do, it’s has a click that occurs each time the trig plays, but the audio sounds. I can actually remove the trig and the audio still runs though.

Am I missing something? Maybe it was a recent firmware update that changed the behavior?

Try using a one shot trig, func+step key. The step led should turn yellow.

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Not trying to sample anything tho. Just trying to understand the behavior of the Thru machine in regards to needing to put down a trig or not to get the audio to pass through.

Particular Amp or fx settings?
It shouldn’t click…

In order to play the trig once I’d rather use 1ST trig condition, which doesn’t have to be armed.

One shots are armed after a power cycle but once played on a track, a one shot can disarm all one shots of all patterns of a project.


When the thru machine is trigged once, it remains ‘active’ until you stop it. So that’s normal.

Regarding the click, do you have a trig an another track (same step) that plays a short sample maybe?


trigs aren’t the necessary part - it just needs to be active and playing (see play symbol)

to do this press track + play (or stop to stop) - this will activate the machine and the play symbol will show, even if transport is off

otherwise you can use trigs

I don’t see why it would click as the machine isn’t stopped if you re-engage a playing thru machine


You hear the audio without the trig as DIR monitoring is enabled.
No idea what click is though. Definitely not another track trig? When you place the trig and kill DIR do you still hear it.

Once trigged, thru machines work until the track is stopped. :slight_smile:

I know this. I believe the original post stated the user was hearing audio without a trig.

He said he can remove the trig and still hear audio. I read that as thru machine was trigged and the trig then removed.

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Ahhh gotcha. I misread.


Once it is double stopped to be exact.

For the click, as mentioned above I would delete all parameters (SRC+no, Amp+no, LFO++no, FX+no).

Yes, after double tapping stop, or track button + stop. IIRC…I usually don´t stop thru machines, so… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I actually use it quite a lot if I just want to hear the sound of my guitar with FX of the OT, simpler to press Stop than to mute all other tracks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey everyone, thanks for the help! Maybe I didn’t make it clear, I’m just trying to use the OT as an external effects box for the keys. I was just a little confused about the behavior of having to put a trig down to allow the sound to pass through, but I think you guys explained the deal with that.

The click sound when a trig is in is another story… I guess why would I even want a trig in there anyway?

You don’t have to place a trig on the first step, you can also press and hold the track button and press play. Same thing.
A trig is just one way, on OT not all tracks do nessecerarily always run together or run at all.
Maybe you have several thru tracks with different effects and you want control over which plays when - just place trigs and for how long (set amp hold accordingly).
You can also p-lock effects on a thru machine.

Usually on an analog synths you have to open the vca by triggering the amp envelope with a gate signal to hear audio - just a way to tell the machine what you want them to do!

Thru machines shouldn’t cause any clicks, though! Have you checked the other tracks?
Simply mute all except the thru track for a quick check.


Thank you all! I think I understand it now. Like so many other Elektron machines, there’s more than one way to do something.