OT MK1 Love Thread


it does indeed :slight_smile:


Im afraid I can’t help any further… my skills are limited to soldering :slight_smile:


I just finished a screen mod for my MK1. Much better experience compared to old one.


Nice. i like red knob / crossfader too. Any tutorial for the screen? :slight_smile:
I’d like a red one too…


Yep, especially the red knob. My muscle memory with the OT is still not there where it should be, so the level knob gets too often in the way when I want to operate the parameter encoders.

I’ll guess an other cap on it which feels differently whould help heavily.

(No, @sezare56, not the mouse trap thing. I like my fingers how they are :wink: )


Its a shame you went with red/blue as they dont harmonize well together.


Highly recommended! A mouse ate one of my knobs!
I use that knob for LEVEL. A different texture / form is interesting too.