OT MK1 Encoder Overlay - Now Available

Hey folks.

After going from OT MK2 back to OT MK1s, one thing I missed, even more than the AED button, was the cursor texts beneath the encoders. When using the audio editor, they really do help speed things up. And rather go back to MK2, and lose the bank letters beneath the step buttons (which are super helpful for my organizing patterns), I started to think of a way to get the cursor texts onto my MK1, but in a tasteful way.

For the past couple months, I’ve been working with Oversynth on a product I had in mind.
In the design I had in mind, I was going for a similar vibe of the display on the DSI/Sequential Pro 2 and Prophet 12

This is the 2nd prototype, using the same typeface and character size as what is on the OT MK1.

I’ve been testing it a few weeks and it is holding up well. It’s ready for primetime, I think.

I’m sharing it here to see if there is any interest from other OT MK1 owners.
Oversynth isn’t too sure about interest from other OT owners, as it is a pretty specialized thing. Who knows how many OT MK1 owners are left, and of them who could use something like this?
So, if this is something you’d like for your OT MK1, let me know in this thread, and we can give Oversynth a better idea of demand.


Now available! https://www.oversynth.com/elektron-octatrack-mk1-overlays


Great news! I’ve been waiting for something like this…

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Nice idea. Was thinking about this the other day as I’ve gotten heavily into sample chopping recently. Def interested!

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That’s really nicely done!

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Are you not into the idea of getting them made yourself?

Nah. I like working with Oversynth.
Really enjoy their products and it has been fun working with them on this one. I also consulted on the “Tokyo” design for the M:S/M:C overlays. It’s been a good experience.


Fairnuff! Good luck with it :+1:

First reaction: nice! Thats a brilliant idea.

Closes eyes, finger instinctivley move around imaginary OT knobs…

Brain: “well, Ive trained those fingers to remember the knobs.”

Second reaction: cool idea, I dont need one, others might.

This looks pretty cool; maybe consider a second version that has small scribble strips above the top row and below the labels on the bottom, for people that want to label CC parameters or anything else. So extend the height so it goes from a couple MM below the Octatrack logo to a couple MM above the Scene B LED, and add two horizontal stripes in a light grey that matches the knobs. people could write on those in fine sharpie and wipe it off easily with rubbing alcohol. Just a thought.

I’ll probaby steal this idea but just use a dymo.

I’d be interested

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Me too, looks great :+1:

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Yeah I’m on the same page. Many years ago would have been invaluable. Ironically these are the button assignments that I have no trouble memorising

What function do the A,B,C,D,E,F labels serve? Had my MKII for months and I have yet to understand their purpose. Have you considered a design where they are omitted?

I don’t have an MKI but the overlay seems like something I’d want. I still heavily rely on those labels when I’m in the audio editor.

They’re referred to as such in documentation
i.e. in the manual: “Turning knob A while holding the [TRIG] key pressed will visualize the root note on the keyboard.”

So their purpose is referential.

No, I have not. I don’t think they get in the way, and only help when referencing documentation.


I’d totally be interested; I run both an MK2 into an op amp upgraded MK1.

This little overlay is a great idea!

cheers from dt indy

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Now available!


Just picked one up for my MKI, thanks!
I’m always forgetting which knob does what when I’m zooming on samples.

Also, since it’s slightly visible, it doubles as a way to separate the level knob from the other 6.

I find it’s easy to grab the level knob on accident in the heat of things.

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I’ll order one tonight. Thanx

When are you going to finish the rest of the shortcuts? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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