OT manually records only once

Totally perplexed here - long time OT user and I sample a lot on it. Now I just created a new template and I’m trying to manually sample… have recorders 1-4 on flex 1-4 respectively.

I have recording setup 1 set to ONE2 and I hit the track + Rec1 button. It starts recording. I hit the key combo again and it stops. OK good.

But then I can’t record again. I use the same key combo to start recording - but it doesn’t do anything… What am I missing here? If I start the recording with a trig it works fine! And this is the same with all the tracks. After the first manual recording it won’t manually take the key combo any longer…

Try not hitting the track button. Only push record

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If this works, do you have to hold the track button again when switching to a different track? Have had the same thing as OP and just resorted to doing one shot trigs cause it’s generally pretty rare I need to record tracks at different times.