OT lessons?

Hey there, wondering if anyone does OT lessons via Skype. I have a bunch of questions that 1 or two sessions could help as I’m struggling with a couple of things.



I just got the Octatrack a month ago and still learning too,
look up the Mac Pro Lessons they are good and he’s an excellent teacher
They are are on the App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad https://www.macprovideo.com/search/octatrack

And this thread Free Octatrack Tutorials list


I know @defenestration (max Marco) does on Patreon.
feel free to post your questions here too. someone might be able to help :+1:t3:


Max Marco is the business. In fact his video on the Midi Arp made my vague curiosity in the OT go into take my money mode. Now I’m a happy owner of a MKII. You should get commission @defenestration :blush:

Here’s the video:


Thanks everyone!!’

2 big questions:

On the DT you can arm a sample to record once it hears the signal. Does the OT have that feature And if so where??

I understand you can have two effects going at the same time, I’m assuming that whatever the settings are on the effect are what you can add too tracks, each track can’t have its own effects settings, right?

Ok, another couple for the hell of it…

A thru channel is the only way to hear a mono device, say a minimoog coming through input b, however when sampling it, you’re on a flex track which means you only hear it though on side, right?

A single track can hold a stereo sample? You could have 8 stereo tracks, right?

And finally does the midi button have to be on to play external midi gear? I’m assuming that’s what arms the 8 midi tracks.

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“A thru channel is the only way to hear a mono device, say a minimoog coming through input b, however when sampling it, you’re on a flex track which means you only hear it though on side, right?”
When setting up the input of your thru track , assign it to only one input. You have the option of assigning it to ab/cd a+b/c+d, or individual inputs. On individualk channels you will hear the signal on both sides

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Not that I know.




Bummer. That’s shits tight on the DT!!

Instead of recording tracks by when they detect an input signal like on DT, you have the far more powerful record trigs that can be microtimed for extreme precision and you can even use multiple record trigs in the same pattern to record snippets at just the right moment. Check the manual for info about them — that’s how I learned to utilise them fully :ok_hand:

Edit: a super useful record trig is the one shot. It’s on a single line in the manual, but essentially place it by using FUNC and then trig. This means they will only record once, and not just endlessly record over themselves each time the pattern restarts :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t know about the MK2, but on the OT you have 8 midi tracks/channels. When you press the midi button, it takes you to the midi screen. There you assign each track to a channel, corresponding to your devices.

Yes…Only one of the effects can be a Reverb, or a Delay…all this can be live recorded and plocked…Plus, if you learn parts all effects could be changed per patten, up to 4 different set-ups

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Neighbour tracks can be used to add more effects as desired. Hell, you can even have one regular track and 7 neighbour tracks for a total of 16 effects working on that first track :+1:


Insane right?

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Just to clarify this one. Sorry @thoughtstarZ :blush: The Midi button shows you the 8 midi tracks where you can lay down a bunch of trigs however you want. Going out of midi mode and back to the audio tracks doesn’t mean midi trigs won’t still be sent once the sequencer is running

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You might be able to tell I’m in the honeymoon phase and absolutely loving it right now haha :yellow_heart:


Totally…The honeymoon never stops :sweat_smile:.
Another thing you may not get right away…when you are setting up a midi track with a channel- double click “playback” , turn the channel knob to the channel you want and then-press down on the knob. That sets it

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Hehe, awesome. Great tip. Thanks :pray:

Another important thing. Save everything. Before you power down, save your project. Especially when you first start learning


Maybe I’m mis-reading this, but just to be clear. If the OP is asking whether each of the 8 tracks can have it’s own unique fx chain and settings, then the answer is yes.

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