OT learning curve

I’m an Elektron noobie a month into a DT and have it down pretty good, certainly can drive it, though not super fast.

I have an MPC Live im selling, I’ve been converted, found the MPC to be not very inspirational.

I think I want an OT. Missing stereo samples ( I sample a lot from my OB-6, and I’d like more flexibility with working with samples. Also, dying for a song mode which I’m guessing the arranger essentially is in the OT.

Will my DT knowledge translate at all the the OT?

it’ll defo help.
it’ll always take a li’l bit of time to get accustomed to the OT, it’s only natural when learning a new machine with new features and menus etc. but it’s amazing.
get stuck into YouTube tutorials. Read Merlins guide, and have the manual pdf on your phone for instant quick searches of functions.


Do you record your finished stuff into a DAW? whats your workflow if you do?

there’s a few ways to go about it. I personally like to mix in the OT and record the stereo out as a jam for a bit of mastering in a daw.

just my personal preference.

there are 2 stereo (configurable as 4 mono) outputs tho so you can separate sounds to a certain degree if you wanna go that route.

Cool and can you slave it to a DAW via midi? I’ve seen mixed reports online.

if you only want to use the OT as a sample based production center, and do not have any use what-so-ever for all of the vastness that is the octatrak outside of the sampling, slicing, Fx, mangling, and sequencing of samples, then how would you rate the ease of use for learning the octa in comparison to the digitakt?

in that case I’d just use the digi imo. the 33 second sample limit is only for sampling so even if you needed to use longer samples you can transfer em from yer computer n play them fine.
either that or maybe something like the blackbox 1010, or mpc live etc.
not using any of the octatracks features is sorta missing its point n you may be better off with a different unit. maybe it’d be fine tho I dunno.
using it In a basic way would still take a bit of getting used to its UI and structure. it’s not crazy hard or anything, just takes some getting used to is all. digitakt is simpler (no kits / parts etc).

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I’ve never had any issues with ableton personally. I use ableton as a glorified tape recorder tho. a pretty basic setup. ymmv


Tho, the added effects and abilities and stereo could make the OT worth the difference. Basically I’m looking for something to replace my daw, and to use my daw as a glorified tape machine. I was hoping the MPC would be that, which it is, but it’s no fun.

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yea i was replying to @captain8 there, but yea the OT might float your boat by the sounds of it. if you click with it it’s loads of fun :slight_smile:

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oh wait, I fink I completely misunderstood your post :smile:

so you do want to sample, mangle, Fx, n slice?
ah if that’s the case please disregard my entire previous reply :upside_down_face:


I think I’m sold.

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  • With OT you can record your mix internally, up to 8m28s (16 bits, without FLEX (RAM) samples).
  • With sequenced rec trigs, defined recording length, it’s easy to record loops with synced or sequenced external gear without editing.
  • Audio Editor is pretty exhaustive (samples need to be loaded in RAM for full editing).
  • Manual recording can be quantized.
    Files can be played directly from the card, up to 2GB files per track (3.5 hours!).

Elektron machines learning curves by @hellcore :content:



Haha, I never read manuals, last night started reading the manual and started watching how to vids before taking the plunge.


yes definitely want those things… :slight_smile: it’s that the digitakt is perfect for my needs, but I need more storage and sample time, as well as stereo sampling… the thing is I 100 percent do not want to use it for more than what I use the digitakt for if you see my conundrum, so I’m trying to discern how much more difficulties I’d have to go through to use the octatrack as a glorified digitakt basically.

ah right, I get ya. Well if you import samples rather than real time sampling on the DT you can have longer samples. if stereo samples are essential you’re out of luck on the digi.
The basics of the OT aren’t hugely difficult, just gotta learn your way around a few things. settings, static / flex slot lists, understand how to assign a part to a pattern etc. then if you want to sample in real time on it you can learn the sampling section (takes a little getting used to the process as its new but once you get it it’s very fast). etc.


really, no fun?.. even with these features?

exploding tracks
pad link
multiple sample layers per pad
OMG… sample freeze per pad… I wish every sampler in the world had that feature, that one feature alone turns an mpc into Harry Potter.
round robin sample triggering
recordable mutes
midi merge several sequences into one
the looper
sequence to audio feature
the autosampler (whaaaat?)
the performance scales/chords features
step sequencing with the pads or touchscreen
easy transposing in realtime of sequences

I could go on but you get my drift… the fact that these things live inside a sampling beatmachine that has resampling and crazy chopping chops boggles the mind.

thanks, more than any other machine I’ve encountered in history the conclusion I come to again and again no matter how much research I do on the octa, is that I gotta just do it hahaha, I need to get one with a nike logo on it.


I just came to this conclusion after “researching” (obsessively watching videos and reading this forum) for like two years.

Had it for two days, loving it so far. Learning curve not an issue.