Ot internal midi control without cable


Hallo, Is ti possible to control for example midi cc to crossfader or any other parameter without pluging midi cable out to in?
I know than with cable is possible but Im looking this possibility internal, inside in OT, without using midi cable.

Thank You for help




Aha, internal midi control is possible but that’s an unwanted bug!
Midi loopback bug id’d - might help your headscratcher moment

But without cable, no interesting internal midi control. You can’t control midi CCs with crossfader. A midi cable is not expensive!
With crossfader + cable + midi processor you can control any CC, or any midi message.


Not a bug, but work in progress :-)))) Maybe one day…


No old MKI bugs correction since 1.25H, maybe 2 or 3 years ago…those bugs are also on MKII.





Maybe it’s an arachnid…
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OK, thank you for quick response and help.