OT intermittent random noise/digital artefacts during live sampling

Hope someone can please help: am getting audible spikes of digital artefacts. Am using the OT for short live sampling, but am constantly getting these annoying little digital glitches on the recorded sample and thru the live incoming audio. I think this might something to do with the recording buffers?

Have tried using different audio sources
Audio levels are not clipping
Recording length is only 16 steps and not loop recording
There are some LFO/effects on the track, that have been turned down
The noise happens randomly - ie not at the same time
OT MkI with OS 1.30c

thanks in advance

Did you have a look at the bitrate setting for the flex format?

Yeah checked that, not the bit rate. Samples playback as they should. The added random digital noise doesn’t seem to be triggered by a sample as such, they occur completely randomly.

I’m wondering is it a consequence of the LFO assigned to sample start, dialled to the fasted rate?

That’d be a good explanation!
Could you elaborate?

this is the fucked thing about it - today I cant replicate the issue. On an other note, it would be nice to know what LFO speeds work well for sample start modulation per step.

EG; I have a sample 16 steps long, chopped into 16 slices, what LFO speed do I need so that each step plays a different slice… The way I’ve been working I tend to fluke it

Here’s a handy lfo speed and delay time chart

If you want the lfo applied with every trig in your pattern use lfo with hold mode. Lfo with sync mode restarts the lfo at each pattern cycle.


have you solved the issue somehow…,?

i got my second octa last week (mk2) and from time to time, i get these… random noise like “glitches”… it sounds like bitreduction / flanger… i found your threat… seems similar enought…

the only thing i can tell being different about the samples i used… there were some mono (1ch) sampless (drone loops)

one of my suspects is the 1ch sample,
another one is predelay on reverbs…(but im not realy convinced as this is the probem)

Thanks for any reply…!