OT in DN inputs: Overbridge multitrack?

Could I multitrack record the Digitone and its inputs at the same time?

The idea is to record the Octatrack (DN in a thru machine) connecting its main outputs to the Digitone inputs, as well as each separate track of the Digitone.


You will create a feedback loop if you use the DN in a through machine on the OT and feed it back to the DNs inputs, as the DNs inputs will also be routed to its main outputs.

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That what I was fearing. Yesterday I checked into the audio routing config and it doesn´t let you route the inputs only to the Overbridge, out of the main outs.

…digitone has a good audio input…and yes, overbridge gives u the option to record dn’s external in’s on the fly as separate stereo file…so ot master out into dtone’s input let u reach out within overbridge to ot’s output sum…any patching beyond that, causes trouble…

I found out that there´s an option in the USB config not to send the inputs to the main.

I could do some tests but this seems to be right!

I’m pretty sure I don’t understand this without a breakdown :upside_down_face: It’s a problem for me (new to Elektron) I can get tripped over by terminology.

It would be amazing to play the Digitone (along with other things) through a desk, then put the main stereo outputs from the desk back into the Digitone’s inputs to go into Overbridge (as either one or two channels).

I don’t see why this can’t be possible, so long as Elektron thought about this and the audio going into those inputs can be bypassed, in order to only going to Overbridge.

Is this what you achieved?

You have to go to Global Settings > System > USB Config > Int to Main:

INT TO MAIN OFF: No sound is sent to main out. ON: Sound is always sent to main out. AUTO: No sound is sent to main out when Overbridge is available and streaming sound, if not, the sound is sent to main out.

This way you can avoid feedback issues. In my case I can route each track of the Digitone (including the inputs, where I would insert the Octatrack main out) to an Ableton track and send it through my audio interface (Behringer XR18) to the Octatrack separately. I don´t think it´s possible to do it with the Overbridge standalone version.

What I wanted was to try if I could use the Digitone as an audio interface (if I didn´t want to use the XR18) so the cool thing for that would be that the option INT TO MAIN (internal audio routed to main outputs) was INP TO MAIN (inputs audio routed or not to main).

This way I could wire the Digitone main to the Octatrack and back to the Digitone inputs, but without feedback issues. I´m afraid this is not possible.

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