OT help: Extreme Timestretch Techniques

Upcoming OT user here and looking for some tips and tricks how to achieve extreme timestretch in the vein of paulxstretch, Live and such. How do you achieve this kind of sound with the OT?

You won’t quite get the extreme stretching of paul stretch, but setting rate to 1 can give some pretty interesting sounds depending of course on the source sample, the stretch type and sensitivity can be worth trying for different tonality/qualities.


You may be better off just Paulstretching it first and playing it off the the CF card as a one shot.

TSTR Normal.
6400% slower with Rate = 1, progressively with crossfader, 4 tracks with same sample, different Rate settings IIRC…


I must try this/ Could be great for drones etc. I like your song. Its like drifting off into a dream. Clever, :1st_place_medal:

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Not mine! Velvet Underground of course :content:
Add Dark Reverb to liquefy even more…

Can be applied to incoming audio, with Recorder + FLEX, some microtiming delay…


Probably worth trying triangle LFO modulating rate from +/- around zero probably swinging to +5/-5 thru zero, might help to get rid of granularity especially when combined with reverb for a bit of smoothing too.

Untested, but the theory is sound.

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the Cooperfx Outward V2 does realtime sound stretching sort of like clouds but very similar to paulstretch. i’ve seen it called paulstretch in pedal form a couple times

This isn’t very extreme but very live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3bgvzQkzgo


Interesting! Funnily I was about to test again Start modulation as timestretch! To mimic granular envelope sometimes I just use an lfo on VOL. Unfortunately its speed doesn’t follow pitch. So I tried to resample a 1 step recording with envelope, but it wasn’t satisfying…
Back to tests so!

Ah, and since that video you probably found out precisely what are SHUG and SHUF ! :content:
(Dark Reverb, Shelving Gain / Frequency)

Yes, just tried, good idea! I preferred to stay in the positive range of rate (+2, and +/-2 for lfo).

You can be near freeze, with a slight additional modulation…really interesting!


Sounds already good. Thanks for all the tips so far. It’s an informative and chill forum here.