OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

8 bar long patterns

I’d love some way of choosing to make a parameter change affect all/multiple parts or banks.
I’d be happy if this had to be limited to Master track only.

Primarily so I could tweak the compressor on my master channel and not have to repeat the steps over and over.

Probably has been requested, but lazy chopping would be a dream. jonwayne really inspired me to make more hiphop and i really miss the lazy chop

This won’t happen for sure.
I know it is a bit different from your request, but to make a template it is not very long nor complicated to copy a part to the 3 others, then copy banks with a computer (doable with OT File Manager).

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I would LOVE the option to chop slice grid to 10, 20 slices please, or just to ‘slice to beat’ instead of to region, like in Ableton.

It would really help to quickly chop slices when working in different time signatures.

Fair enough, thanks for the tip!

Also, the option to change my colour settings would be fun, sometimes it feels too much like Christmas when I’m using the OT.

In particular, the option to set different colours for scenes could be good.
You could have blue for reverb related scenes, yellow for filter sweeps etc, etc.


->an option to disable auto-save

That would imply to change how OT works : there are .work files (updated after any change) and .strd files (stored with SAVE).

There is a simple workaround : RELOAD.

I think a more reasonable feature request would be AUTO-RELOAD at startup option, which would behave as auto-save disabled.

I like the way it is. 2 states is safer.

Obviusly not something that would be practical to add at this point, but it would sure be great if there was a MIDI player machine available on MIDI tracks that could play standard MIDI files the way a static machine plays audio files (with the note values on trigs becoming transpose, LEN becoming a speed multiplier (the same as the arpeggiators SPD parameter, except for changing the playback speed of the MIDI file) and NOT2-4 being replaced by a more complex note quantization system than what’s in the arpeggiator already (I’m thinking scale, key and a simple harmonizer that would let you specify a number of notes to be added above the originals, which would be quantized to the key - so if it was set to 0 the file would play back as normal, if it was set to 2 then it would add two notes above the notes in the original file, so a monophonic MIDI file would become triads quantized to the selected key).

Just dreaming, something like that would mean a major overhaul of the firmware, but it would really make the sequencer a lot more flexible - especially if you could also record MIDI output to files and “resample” MIDI the same way you can re-sample audio.

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This has probably been mentioned before but it would be really nice if there was an option in the personalize menu for per-track trig modes, so each track could be set to chromatic/slice/etc and stay that way when you switch back to it.

I’m enjoying using a little Xjam pad controller to trigger stuff on a particular track while I’m tweaking something on another, but it would be nice to also have a per-track trig mode feature to reduce the friction of performing with the trig keys on different tracks. TBH I feel like this should maybe even be the default, as it helps the user to differentiate what a track is for at a glance.

The more I think about it the more I’m puzzled that it’s not a current feature.


That would be great. I made my mind and kept an MPC 500. I recently used it to play a midi file, recorded in Syntakt.

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That would be per project. Seems necessary. Per pattern (and/or part) would be even better !


Yeah it would be a really huge deal for live performance, being able to switch tracks and immediately play it in the appropriate mode on the trig keys is such a no brainer IMO. Also there’s no need to have trig keys in chromatic/slice on a master or thru track, why I feel like per-track trigs should be the default honestly.


Great update, not finished imho.

Unpopular mini feature request for the ARR/song mode, if possible. Instead of double pressing stop to return to the top of the Arrangement I suggest having some other combination maybe UP Arrow + STOP to return to the top. It’s a little bit cumbersome when trying to stop sample playback and having to scroll back to the pattern that was being played, and it’s especially taxing when trying to see how a transition sounds in the middle of the arrangement with micro timing trigs. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I’d slightly like a page on the screen where I could view the trigs on all 8 tracks in a single grid.

I’ve been asking for this for years!

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AED. Slicing by %.
50% places a slice at the middle, or other numbers helping cutting loops that are not 4/4


A FLEX2 machine geared towards melodic stuff. Expanded pitch range, and glide, in exchange for no time stretching. The 2 octave pitch range of the OT is the real tragedy, would prefer not to be thinking about keeping the Digitakt just for the 4 octave range.