OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

This isn’t proof but it seems a lot if not all of the features added in the last firmware update were requested here prior, so there’s that. I’d be pretty surprised / shocked if folks at Elektron weren’t reading this - it’s basically free R&D! They keep improving their firmware so…no reason from where I sit to think they’re ignoring us.

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Right, those are two different issues. All three assignable per track would be ideal, of course.

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Damn…of course! Thanks.

Mutes are nice. What about a solo option?

What would you change about the OT’s existing Solo function?


Seems like nobody knows about the solo until it gets them in trouble. That’s how I finally found it at least.


Let me read the manual first, as I was supposed to, then I’ll know. :flushed:


Wish mute mode worked to mute trigs and not audio!


You can solo a track by going into the mixer and CUE+track


Maybe use a midi track and midi loopback?

Today I learned

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OT have it and more. Push the button from max value (8.0). Each value is a chromatic increment as default, an octave increment if you push it. So you can also make melodies with it.

Pretty easy to make.
16 trigs, sync trig lfo(s)
Record 16 steps at 30 bpm, slice, and you have 16 slices with differents velocities and/or any parameters. Up to 64 slices, 4x16 different parameter variation or samples.


It also drives me nuts that I can’t just hold PAGE for a quick fill like on the Digi boxes.


I’m about to solder a switch on UP arrow for that! :content:
Side note, if you hold page only after releasing UP arrow, FILL last.

Did you try with one shots ? Works as FILL, per track or all tracks, no FILL possible though.

I haven’t messed with oneshots at all. I need to reread the manual.

I did look through the manual to try and see what holding PAGE does when in regular playback mode and I couldn’t find anything. Makes me wonder why it isn’t used for FILL.

Press Fn + trig to create one shots.
Press and hold YES to arm/play them.
(Per track in Grid Recording mode, ARM ALL with Gric Recording off).
Easier to create than FILL, and only 1 button press.

OT FILL : press UP arrow + PAGE. You can release UP after and it last.


Thinking more about trig level mute, the main reason it wouldn’t work as the only mute type is that it wouldn’t do anything for thru machines or pickup machines. The only ways it could be made really practical is if flex and static machines had a setting (global or per-track) to select between trig mutes and track mutes, or a new button combination for trig mutes. The way it works right now is the only way to have mutes work for all machine types (or toggling amp vol between current value and 0, I guess).

Having both would be great.

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I always get oneshots, trigs, and triggerless trigs confused. haha. But the oneshot only works that one time, yeah? So after I hit yes and it plays, hitting yes again wouldn’t play it again?

You can re-arm and it will play again.