OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


What I would love is to have the ability to assign different track modes to each track, for example have chromatic assigned to track 3, slices assigned to track 1 etc . That to me would turn it into more than just a sampler and a full on instrument . Also having option to assign bpm to pattens or banks without using arranger would be neat


Would be cool to have the option to modulate end point rather than start point, would get interesting results with rate -64. Could sort of do it by assigning slices and modulating slice number but it could have more potential pretty easily


You just have to chop up the loop thats it



Edit: reminder to self not to come into this thread again as its not for me


Not sure of what you’d like.
Of course you know Playback page Length.
I’d like midi control of start / end of Trim in Audio Editor, with NRPN resolution, but maybe you’d like something different…


Yeah midi control would be cool too. I mean having end point as an LFO destination like start point is. If I set playback rate backwards it would be cool to be able to modulate my reverse start point, or p lock it. get what I mean? Len would have the same effect playing forward which is probably why they left it out. Far from a necessary feature, just an idea


I think so. MD has that behavior. AR and DT too AFAIK?


AR definitely has it.


This would be really nice. Anyone know if their is a big octratrack patch/firmware coming ?

It seems like a ton of things coul dbe updated and its been over a year since the last update.

Just wondering if anyone has any insider info about this ?


Also, I’m sure this was probably mentioned, but its very difficult to see what page you are viewing of a pattern while the pattern is playing on an octatrack mk2. Something about the colour differences make it very hard to tell at a glance. Whats interesting is that I don’t have this problem at all with the A4 mk2, they made the lighting and colours different enough that its very easy to tell, I really hope this gets fixed in the future ?

Another thing that seems wild to overlook, is to be able to loop a page of a pattern… (aka playback only steps 33-48 of a 64 step pattern) I need this feature ALL THE TIME. It could be as easy as a function that “loop whats currently selected”. I don’t even care if it lacks the feature to loop say, 2 of 4 pages. I just REALLY REALLY want to meticulously edit a 16 step page of a pattern, and the current method of copying the page out and pasting it back is just kindof ridiculous. Its one of my biggest gripes… ELEKTRON IF YOU ARE LISTENING, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN ? It really shouldn’t be hard at all to implement.

Thank you for your time!


I also wish there was a page follow option. Where the sequence view would follow the playhead through all 4 pages.


May be one workaround option is to use the arranger. Set start and end point and number of repeat.
But in live mode…? Probably with track recorders.


Thanks! Look forward to playing with this again


Yes this is great. I feel new areas opening up! Wooo

Just waiting for a quiet moment to visualise for myself what’s going on here with this microtime to the LEFT business!

Thanks again @Open_Mike !


A more visual UI for parameters would go a long way.

For example, on the Digitakt/tone you see a drawing of an envelope, but on the Octa it’s just pictures of knobs.

This should be easy to add. Easy in the sense that it doesn’t require any changes to the hardware.


Ain’t happening. The digi series were the first boxes to not just have knob animations and Simon already said they’ve sold more Digitakts in the past 2 years and Octatracks since they came out. I really doubt they’ll spend any resources revamping UI for the old stuff at this point.


They added trig conditions last year, which I’m guessing was more complicated than tweaking the UI. Someone there must be hacking on the OT OS, even if just in their spare time.

Really crossing my fingers on this one, since it seems like a reasonable request.


I dream about a fonction like Kapture for ableton live.
It would be amazing for scene :crazy_face:


Fast (on the fly) pattern copy before changed to a new pattern would be great!


It is really annoying. I thought it was only me.
They could also put the page number somewhere on the screen.