OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


Sure you can, see above…


I totally typed the wrong thing :joy: stupid iPhone. I meant you “can”.


Guys you friggin rock! I’ll have to experiment with this and learn. I thought I pretty much knew the OT now :grin:
Next time I’ll ask in a post first :slightly_smiling_face:
If we ever meet the beers are on me!


I thought I had an Instagram sonewhere where I was recording track 8 as a master and feeding it back into itself, changing the pitch of the resampeld playback to get pitchy eventide pitchy delay pitchies. But I can’t find it


Sorry I can’t help trying to find workarounds :smile: , but I hope it can give ideas :
With midi loopback, play Play Free tracks with notes played randomly with midi arp > 8 random plocks.
Midi loopback again : randomize scenes, and crossfader with lfos assigned to corresponding CCs.


I’m quite positive you can make an entire song out of recorders, recorder buffers, plocks, and the arranger… Play in one note and it spits out an entire song with drums, bass, melodies, etc…
How’s that for a delay pedal? :smiley:


That just might do it! :star_struck:
I’ll see what I can come up with.
Very exited about this. Thanks man.


I’m working on something like that right now, using my guitar as the noise source.




Feature request : selected tracks as SRC3 source. Choose tracks pressing tracks buttons, red led for selected tracks.


Re the pitch delay thing. I was close to getting a Rainmaker for my eurorack, until I realised the Octatrack does nearly the same thing. As massive versatile delay is no understatement.




I was watching a digitone video the other day and noticed you can assign an lfo to the other lfo’s waveshape. That would be good.


I had an idea about the output-issue on the octatrack. A question to the engineers: The four outputs are balanced, (TRS aka STEREO) so wouldn’t it be possible to update the software so that you could get eight unbalanced outputs from the four TRS outputs using 1xTRS->2xTS connectors? Or is the hardware configured in such a way that makes this impossible? This update would make the octatrack an unbeatable tool also in the studio.


Not possible, you’d need more hardware converters, soldering anyway.

You know what? There are 8 stereo recorders in OT! :thup:
It is possible to midi automate / record Octatrack and record independant tracks.


I’d love there to be some sort of visual gain reduction meter for the compressor. Even tiny on the bottom bar like the crossfader animation. It would fit in the gap after the FX name


Should this be playback trigs on 3, 7, 11, 15? That results in a quarter note delay, but then why use the microtiming? I must be missing something but the setup as described gives me almost instant slapback delay i.e. the length of the microtiming hmmm

Afterthought: isn’t there a problem trying to flex feels buffers to imitate even a simple delay effect in that they empty out as soon as recording is started again? They aren’t rolling buffers, if that makes sense?

Pickup tracks on the other hand…


Not if you use feedback recording : a track recording itself with SRC3 T1-T8, or CUE (more control with CUE send), MAIN, several trigs.
It gives you feeback.


Hey @Clancy… So I meant microtime to the left so that the play trig launches before the recording is done, as to play the previous sample and not the new one that starts recording immediately after. That’s why I said Src3 as inputs doesn’t need the microtiming as with that setting a play trig on the same step as a record trig plays the previous sample…

I have only messed with this stuff and haven’t had my OT for quite awhile. As @sezare56 found he could only pitch up and not reverse, so probably better results not using inputs and instead recording the track using Src3…


So I tested play trigs forward (-1/384 microtiming), recording A input, it works as you wrote. :thup:
You can add feedback to it, the recorder recording itself, wich means you can have delay and reverb on the same track.
Pitch up posssible, I couldn’t pitch down or reverse.