OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


Doable with Lfos. Use Square, Hold, Plock Depth. Multiply by 5 for pitch semitones (60 is 12 semitones).


yep this is where the lfo designer is really useful


If a parameter has been locked to a scene, it would be nice if the parameter icon on the screen could change slightly to indicate this. I’m forever tweaking things wondering why nothing is happening only to realise sometime later I’ve locked things to scene.


If you hold the scene A or B button down, it should show you which params are locked!


I think he meant trig plock, with a shared scene plock. Btw it is possible to morph trig plocks to scene plocks if a scene don’t have the plocked parameters. Clear as mud?

Also I’d like trig plocks to behave like scene plocks (green lights).


Yes it does, which is handy, but I was thinking it would be nice if it did it anyway whether you press the button or not.

For example, when you macro a parameter in Ableton, it greys out and a little green square appears in the corner.


I misunderstood then. :slight_smile:


Different directions for the sequencer other than left to right?

Forwards backwards?
Upside down?




I’d love to have pitch delays and reverse delays in the OT. I’ve been looking into buying an external hardware effect just to have this. It’s just extra code so I’m sure the resources are there to have these effects instead of one of the other effects in a fx slot.

Still I have to go to software to get this.


Not the same but with slices and lfos you can reverse slice order, randomize, accelerate, slow down…in realtime.
For normal speed : place trigs everywhere without plocks, slice 33, use SAW lfo on slices, speed 64, 2X…


Probably easiest to put your melody in as a long sample , slice it to each note , the random trigger the slice , write patterns of slices 20,19,18 etc ,… each pattern being written in the style if playback (forward , backwards , random)

I genuinely don’t expect anything to change on octatrack from this point . But we might be lucky


Not to negate your request, but FWIY:
The OT with its 8 recorders and realtime playback can actually be used as a designer delay pedal…
It records things and can play them back reverse, pitch shifted, effected, warped in all manners…
By creating appropriate patterns all manner of warped delays are possible…


The problem is that you cannot pitch up when recording live. As soon as you pitch just the slightest the input is cut. So how would you achieve that without recording a piece first?. In this regard it would be helpful if you could disarm any recorder trigs with the disarm function but you can’t. Only one shot trigs can be disarmed right?


For a delay the delayed signal is not played at the same time as the direct signal. You can use mixer direct for the dry sound and a flex/buffer combo for the delay. You can use solid recorder trigs. For example recorder trigs on steps 1, 5, 9, 12 with rlen4, play trigs on steps 1, 5, 9, 12 each with minimum microtime nudge forward. This will get you a quarter note delay that can be reversed and pitch shifted. (Edit: Maybe only pitch shift up and not reverse, I think better results using Src3 as input, will fix when I can test specifics)

This is a very, very basic example, much more can be done as there are 8 recorders and many other features to incorporate… Can get away with not using microtiming if using a thru, PU, or flex/buffer for dry signal and recording track with Src3 instead of the inputs…

I can’t think of a more advanced custom delay designer than the OT…

(Edit: Pulled that off my head and haven’t had my OT for testing specific testing. Seems there might be some quirks using inputs as recording source, probably better using a Src3 setting. When I can test specifics I’ll update post again…)


Gets crazy with rec/play trig placements, plocks on play trigs, using multiple tracks of delay, swing, slices, etc…
You can have each play trig of a delay track a different rate, or a different pitch that’s programmed to harmonize with the scale your playing, or a billion other things. You can have a recorder resampling the delay track, and delaying those or warping it more or both, or a billion other things. You can resample 7 layers deep. You can combine and mix and match multiple delay tracks or resample tracks, or a billion other things… :smiley_cat:

It really just goes on and on the depth of it when combining all the other OT features…


Yeah… :grinning:
I’m getting something now!


Yep. With recorders, reverse, pitch up, reverse with pitch up are possible after a delay corresponding to record time. Recording CUE, playing with pitch up you can add feeback to pitch.
Pitch shift +12, time stretch on, is doable with a little delay (around 12 microtiming).


You can’t do pitch delays and reverse delays with recorder buffers.


Plocks on a sequencer that’s playing random was what I was thinking of.