OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


On the OT I would love to have scenes available for CC’s in midi mode to morph between CC settings.


What I would like to see, to give even more power to the OT as a performance-monster:

A Polymode, like on the monomachine: Would give the OT 8-voice polyphonic power!

A Pitchmachine, allowing to pitch a sample up and down more than one octaves = Note-Range of more than 24 Semitones!

A “transpose” or pitch-shifter-FX, so you can create harmonic or chord-like effects in a track.


Midi Note Off Recording. I would be very thankful for implementing the note’s length during the recording. It would be awesome.


Use the Amp page on the master track for transient designer functions! ie: trim decay, add sustain, change attack envelope etc. etc… Great for scene locking!


Red/orange/yellow/white trigger buttons

It will boost the sound of the OT with unheard analog warmth and besides that it could also enhance orientation on the trigger line


Would be pretty awesome if it was possible to go in and change the MIDI Thru port to function as a second MIDI out, with the ability to route any of the 8 channels through it as well.

MPCs have multiple DIN outputs, and I’ve seen synths (though I can’t name any off the off the top of my head) that can toggle a single MIDI port to function as an Out or Thru

So many devices coming out seem to only put a MIDI In 5-pin DIN on there and then do MIDI In/Out via USB, it’s frustrating because there can be only one device on the end of a chain -_-

And this would save me from spending $30-$50 on a MIDI splitter >.>

Heck, while we’re at it, MIDI In to an Out, too? lol!


multisampling machine for drumkits or mapping intruments for playing
polyphonic sounds .




That would be very handy, I have many GB of REX files.


Working on it:


Octatrack = Phenomenal Tool!!!

Of course anything can be improved after time…

1_Octatrack Samples Manager for OS X. (Urgently!!!)

2_The ability to record tracks to Pro Tools session (DAWs) without using cables.

Elektronaut Shoroc.


+1 for independent pattern tempos


OT Mk II with ADAT output.


In my opinion it would be very useful first of all transient detection for slicing, because I’m prefer working with those slices. Unfortunately is not possible to mute the trigs ((slices) and the trigless trigs are not the equivalent too). If you slice a loop, the trigs are always linked with the first slice (or according to your choice), but it’s no so handy…it would be nice if trig 1 = slice 1 , trig 2 = slice 2 …and so on, so you can simply switch on and off the slices.

PS: should I buy a MPC ? :wink:


From my understanding, tracks 1-4 on one CPU and tracks 5-8 on another.

But I would still LOVE 4 note polphony. I basically do this right now but it’s super tedious. Even if still limited to the current octave limits.


ABILITY TO BYPASS THE EFFECTS PLZ ( Effect + NO for example) !! I think it’s a simply and basic feature.


some kind of gate? effect or track mode? gate is a most useful effect, and not that much different from a compressor, could be a compressor setting switch from compressor to gate/expander.

a gate mode for tracks would be neat in contrast to the mute unmute where you have to slam the buttons twice as many times for the effect to take place…



+1 for quick effect bypass,

Is weird this is not implemented yet.

What I do is to create an scene that simulates this but there should be a simpler way.


Clear and undo works well enough for me.


Clear and undo works well enough for me.


I haven’t my OT here with me that’s why I’m asking:

Is it possible to use the clear undo on several effects/tracks?

I mean for example to clear both effects on T1, T2 and T3 then recover all by undoing?