OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


I thought about similar things with A4’s Sounds :
Store plocked parameters to a Sound directly, recall it simply, modify it, store it again…

That would be great with any Elektron.


Hello. I’m new to the forum and the Octatrack, but I think I’ve been using it long enough now to pluck up the courage to post my feature requests. Some are based around my frustration on why they aren’t there in the first place, some are just desirable things that I could live without if they never happened. Apologies for ones that have been posted multiple times, and double apologies if they are things it does already and I haven’t discovered it yet.

  1. Repitch/Sync time stretching.

If it can work out bpm from the total length of the file plus a length in bars set by the user, then its really simple maths to transpose that to tempo.

  1. Create trigs from slice points.

Slicing via a grid or set number of slices is very nice, then creating linear locks based on that once trigs have been put in is also, but if you’re using slice points that are beat based but not grid based (like adding your own slice points at transients) creating linear locks isnt much help. Would be great in both circumstances if you could select from the slice menu “create trigs based on slice points”.

  1. Slice via transient detection.

  2. Simple polyphony.

I had the recent electribe sampler and that could handle a handful of voices on a fair few of the sampler engines. I understand it was a way more basic engine in comparison, but at a 3rd of the price of the OT, I never thought a sample at the price point of the OT couldnt handle just a tiny bit of polyphony on each sampler track.

  1. Send/Return/Buss machine.

like a neighbour or thru machine. Once one has been loaded on a track, a window appears in the other tracks where you can select send volume, or set it to route to that track, so you can sum tracks before the master.

  1. More octaves in chromatic mode.

Moving into more desirable requests now.

  1. A basic synth, or more comprehensive sampler engine.

  2. More destinations per LFO.

Would be nice to be able to route 1 LFO to 2 or maybe even 3 destinations, making a total of 9 modulation options.

  1. More gimicky ways to input trigs.

Playing them in is nice, but an arp, or note repeat, or preset scales, just fun ways to enter notes in a more performance orientated way would be nice.

  1. Qunatized trigging whilst record is on.

I love how you can set a trig quantize for tracks, and samples, so when you’re playing you can bash out stuff and its all in time. Its a shame its turned off when you hit record.

Can’t think of much else. I struggle with the set, project hierarchy menu system but I will learn it more before I start suggesting ways it could be easier to use. Otherwise I think the Octatrack is brilliant.


True side chaining. This LFO sculpting workaround is 7 extra steps of tedious.


Agree with all points but

That is to say? Maybe lfo on start / slices is a workaround, you can use it as a timestretch / pitch shifter. Try it, it can be surprising.

Did you try Cue send, plus a track recording Cue, Fx on it

Shame indeed. Resampling workaround.


Probably already been said, but I would really like an envelope follower on neighbour machines!
Elektron did tell me a while ago that the FX capacity of the CPU was maxed out. I reckon maybe replace one of the effects (my vote would be gate verb or flanger) with an envelope follower?


#3 Slice via transient detection

I’d love to see this, pretty much every other modern sampler has that function. I miss that one the most on the ot.


a new OT 2019, in the style of the AR & A4 mkII could make this probably


There is one on Machinedrum, OT’s ancester. So I think it is/was doable.


Oh I hope not, I am not a fan of the new boxes at all.


I’ll boycott all those huge uggly things, doesn’t fitting other boxes. Betrayal ! :angry:


regarding the size, yes, hard to transport but the possible amount of in/outputs should be considered


Despite the new box / case , I just can’t see anything being updated on octatrack . This thread is over 5 years old and still going strong .
I think the probability stuff was probably the last squeeze of the cpu nipple we can hope for.
Maybe minor bug fixes if they’re easy / very located to small functions within octatrack , otherwise I can’t see anything coming.

Good luck everyone. It’s a very capable , unique machine , I hope to continue to use/learn mine for a long time yet.


The small tweaks thread has lots of requests that would make users really happy, and surely some must be easy to implement.

It’s more like “if Elektron can stretch to adding conditional trigs, why not throw some of these in?”


I agree, I love my Octatrack, 3 years in and still learning new stuff. It is an amazing machine, and wonderfully open ended. I found a good deal on an envelope follower on ebay so that is that problem solved, and it has an tasty analogue filter!

hint hint- imagine that Elektron… Octatrack with an envelope follower and analogue filter… you would sell shed loads! (so long as it worked… sorry, couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


I’ll try those. Thanks.


Another desirable feature might be to be able to link tracks trig to other tracks, like triggering track 1 and track 5 from only track 1. If that makes sense. Like neighbour tracks but with trigs instead of audio.


With a midi cable between in and out, you can control up to 8 audio tracks with a midi track, if you set them with the same channel.
Choosing right CCs, midi tracks can be used as CONTROL ALL (MD / DT functionality).
Arp can be also used as retrig with envelope (Playback page Retrig don’t retrigger envelope)


Clickless non-interpolated delay please :pray:

When Tape is set to off we do not get the pitch artefacts when changing delay time. Instead we get some nasty noisy clicking when changing delay times. It should be possible to make it clickless when changing delay times just like Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro and NI Replika etc.


Doable with CUE send, recorders recording CUE, a track with delayed recordings with TRC, CUE send for feedback.


Ok thanks but that’s quite a workaround that I’m not going to use.
Making the the non-interpolated delay mode clickless is what I’d really like to see.