OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


I am really thrilled with this machine! Having a blast with it.

I would like to be able to turn off the “auto-zoom-out” feature when triggering slices (in slice menu).
I want to keep it zoomed in so that I can fine adjust the start point and still be able to hear how it sounds but it zooms out every time which is unnecessary, in my opinion.


True Ping pong delay — Please!

The current implementation is not good. Any ping pong delay I know from software works with a signal that is panned dead center and then PANS THE DELAYS. Why do I have to pan my dry signal? I want my dry signal to remain in the center and have the delays panning in each side.

EDIT: I see that Digitone has this true Ping pong delay that works with a centered mono sound, so I hope to see this soon in the Octatrack.


Can’t believe they left this vital feature out!


Edit: At least per Bank. That would do it.


You may know this already but in case not, the Arranger allows tempo saving. It’s not a perfect solution for the writing stage but for performance it can work really well.
Even if you don’t want to use the Arranger much, just assign the first pattern of each bank/song/bridge etc…with a row and it’s respective tempo, then turn it on just to change tempo. You can then “chain” the songs to move to the next one for instant tempo change.
Independent tempo per pattern would be better but so far this trick works pretty good.


Thanks I’ll try using that way but I’ll just send this suggestion to Elektron since I was certain this was already possible and it should really be implemented. It’s so helpful in the Digitone and makes it easy to have many different patterns with different tempos in one project. But since the OT is now the master I don’t have that option.


Adjusting multiple trigs simultaneously.
Kind of weird this is not possible on this otherwise incredible machine when most other Elektron devices have this.


plocking multiple steps simultaneously is biggest one for me too


A way to use the “halt” feature live and easily start the section after with one button, or a midi command. For example, if I have a song split in 3 parts by 2 halts, but want to be able to freely trigger next part after a halt, there needs to be a way to trigger that part without scrolling, pressing yes, and then play. Makes halt kinda a silly feature without this…


octatrack has no midi effects save the arp, it would be nice to see some other effects, one comes into mind, the delay… could be really fun to play the midi pattern back with the stutter that is available for the audio part.

and i would like to see a retrig parameter that changes retrig behavior, to start from the begining, or the current place in the sample, in effect becoming a granular synth.


IMO, in a darkened setting the panel LEDs are waay too bright. I am not seeing a brightness setting anywhere in menus or on device?


I can’t help for this but really agreed.
I wish Elektron upgrade on this.


The LED’s on the MKII can show any color, why stick us with with mostly 20th century green/red/yellow? Would be nice to “Personalize” those colors too, or assign to certain trigger types/variations etc :slight_smile:


There is a similar closed second thread which may have useful info within it …

e.g. a feature request which has a serviceable solution or workaround

It’s worth noting that the OT is generally considered to be maxed out, so there is little chance of big changes, something stated officially

In any case, these threads are for documenting and discussing ideas, to ensure a request is seen you’d have to send it to Elektron: e-mail feature-request@elektron.se


It would not be bad to add in the MK-2 function of inversion of the OLED display for its uniform burning out.


did someone say midi re-trigger already?


Yep, doable with Trig Counts (microtiming menu), up to 128th notes, or Arp.


thank you @sezare56. is that for midi trigs or just sample trigs? I’m only finding “trig count” on page 75 of the manual referring to sample trigs…?


There are also trig counts in midi tracks microtiming page (Press Trig + Left / Right Arrow)
2 > a trig is divided in 2 trigs (32th)

8 > a trig is divided in 8 trigs (128th)
Scale setup multiplier change the speed.


“Drum/Sound Design Mode” (Trig Mode).

It would be so helpful if Slot Mode or Slice Mode could store any parameter assigned to it’s trigs specifically. So each trig triggers the sample (like in Slot Mode) or the slice assigned to it (like in Slice Mode) but also stores any assigned parameters to that trig/slot. Then you can make each sample/slice sound exactly the way you want by setting the pitch, rate, env, filter etc. for that trig specifically and even play them live. Just like the Analog Rytm where each drum track stores all parameters assigned to it but I really like using the OT for drums since it is stereo and has more sound design possibilities with the FX etc… Actually I was hoping that Slots Mode would do this but any changed parameter applies to all slots which is not very intuitive and fun. It would still be monophonic of course. It would save a lot of time since you don’t have to make that specific sound as a PLock and wait for the sequencer to make its cycle each time in order to preview it again.

I hope Electron will bring this useful Trig Mode for drum sound design!

Digitone feature requests!

I’ll add if you want longer retrigs with Trig Counts and TRig Conditions, you can use any TRC with several PRE following it.