OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

Again, it would be much easier for precise and fast workflow without this auto zoom in the AED.

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Don’t know if this is a repeat request but often I find all my gear hooked up to the octatrack and I’m just noodling long hours without the clock running on a piece of gear I.d like to be able to just record for a long duration direct to the cf card and not be limited to the 8min. Is there no way to bypass the limit to record on the Octatrack? I know I can just use a recorder but don’t we have it all in the octatrack to just enable it in itself? Btw I’m married to this thing.

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might be easiest to grab some external cheap recorder and cue out whatever you want. would be a nice cheap addition. even a cassette recorder could be fun. record direct to CF would be nice though

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Trust me I got enough recorders. It’s just a workflow limitation for me sometimes. should I say I just wish I could have to opportunity to grab longer moments within the octatrack itself during my daw less time with it.



I figured out since Elektron seems to update a lot of their hardware to bring them fresh features and all that… Is there any hope we might get optional per-track patterns on the Octatrack someday ? That would be a killer feature, the Octatrack really lacks flexibility for live performing without it IMO.
I’m actually pretty surprised that nobody seems to have brought that up on the forum.


Salut Jules.

That is to say?

Even with Plays Free Tracks with one shots and FILL played by Plays Free midi tracks and controlled by crossfader? :loopy:

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This is how it works on the Pyramid, a track can have upto 32 patterns, although it brings to mind the inconsistencies regarding sequencer data nomenclature between manufacturers for me - though that is a different topic. Still, on the Octatrack we have lots of patterns and fairly easy copy/paste to create variations so personally I don’t see the need to change the data structure, which would not be consistent with the other machines anyway.

The main feature request that I’d like to see is the ability to set exact step length recording triggers up to the maximum sampling time available, so if you want to record for 32 bars and you have available memory, set RLEN as 512. Failing that then HALT in arranger to stop recording, which would essentially allow us to do the same thing, albeit in a workaround way.

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A track with 32 patterns would warp my head

I can’t understand, this, with the unique / crazy live possibilities of the Octatrack.
Maybe you’d like to bring tracks from other patterns, possible with resampling.
If you mean live step sequencing on several patterns, Ot is probably not the best.

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My Octatrack has optional per track patterns.
I either choose to put a pattern in the track or not… Optional :grinning:

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Also with statics and sample locks, freely change up one pattern to lots of different combinations just by changing trig sample locks on tracks. With some pre-planning lots of possibilities.

I hear pre-planning, re-sampling, it’s simply not the same thing as having that very simple feature built into the OS. You’re talking about workarounds, workarounds are tedious, they add another layer of complexity in a live performance, I’d rather continue playing without using patterns that doing live re-sampling.

It’s pretty much as if I was asking for 8-step + 7-step polyphony and you tell me that I might as well make a 8x7-step track. That’s something the software should be able to do for me, and if polyphony wasn’t added to the OT I would have bought something else.

tl;dr: I buy hardware because it makes my life easier, not because I want to implement lacking features myself duh

Maybe it’s easier for you to work with per-project patterns, to me it’s the opposite :upside_down_face:

Are people seriously into that copy/paste thing or is it a running gag ? It doesn’t change the fact that system-wide patterns hold 32 system-wide patterns total, and 32 per track can generate up to… 32^8 system-wide patterns… All that without using much more memory.

But it would be consistent with… Ableton, the most popular DAW.

sounds like the octatrack isn’t for you, its no well kept secret that OT is a bit complicated. plenty of people don’t click with it because they’re inflexible to change. its notorious for it. I advise you try to work differently because you’ll reap massive benefits, if not, buy something else

Then what’s the point of having this 7 y/o thread for feature requests with 754 replies ? Nonsense.

And I will advise you to consider backing a simple option that would allow all of us to easily have 32^8 = 1099511627776 pattern variations instead of 32. They already made track lengths independent, why couldn’t simply make tracks fully independent?

I probably won’t buy anything else from Elektron if their policy is to not upgrade 7y/o hardware they’re still selling & refreshing without any price decrease during its whole lifetime. I’d rather buy software instead and enjoy regular incremental upgrades instead of dealing with people that aren’t even interested in having more featurful hardware.

Ableton is popular because it’s simple without being dumb, good software is achievable, and so is good hardware. The OT isn’t that complicated either, per-step automation is a breeze, scenes are incredibly intuitive and the UI layout is well thought. It’s a powerful machine that makes lots of features accessible in a neat package.

So don’t buy anything else then, no one cares man. You bought it, it does what it does. Feel free to moan online about what it doesn’t do but no ones really reading it. Just use ableton


Is that an actual feature request thread or a life advice one ? I’m confused now. I’ll be just fine without your comments, bye

You were already confused. on the subject of life advice if you need 1099511627776 pattern variations then the box isn’t the problem

Just a figure to give a perspective of how restrictive the current system-wide pattern thing is restrictive compared to a per-track one. Anything else ?