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No. :pl:

Beware. Lfos are bipolar!
I’d choose an lfo designer with a peak for saturday night. Choose the right tempo, lfo speed and track length.


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I’d like to change/trigger patterns via a designated page I can leave open, as opposed to pressing and holding a button then choosing my pattern. Imagine the option of “Patterns” from the same window you chose chromatic, slices, slots, mix and delay.


You can make a list of patterns in arranger, all set to INF and select from that. Don’t have OT here but I think those are the steps.


Will investigate this.

Yeah I think you have to change Pattern Change Behavior. In Arranger, patterns can be looped, or played longer with repeats (64 max),and length (512 steps max), about an hour at 120 bpm so no need to add an infinite loop row…

You can control Arranger position with Song Pointer Position! I could do it with a midi processor, triggered by OT random midi notes. Direct jump between patterns, still synced. :loopy:

SPP messages with midi controller?

Setting rows to loop infinitely and cue patterns should work in the Arranger.
You can set repetitions in the REP column for each row or use the loop command.
Insert pattern in a row, create another row and set it to loop.
If you highlight the PAT column and turn the level encoder anti-clockwise „HALT“ appears, highlight HALT and then move the cursor to the right and turn the level encoder one step anti-clockwise „LOOP“ appers which loops the row infinitely. Highlight the infinity symbol after LOOP to adjust the loop cycles if you want.
I‘ve never tried it, but it should be possible to set all rows to loop.
Use the Up/Down Arrows to highlight a row in the Arranger and press Yes to play.

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I’ll explore the arranger. I was thinking mode a mode where you change patterns with the trigger buttons without holding the pattern button.

If you‘d put all patterns in the Arranger set to loop infinitely you’d essentially have the same functionality (+ some extra functions like pattern offset/length, bpm per pattern, midi transpose, scene automation…) :slight_smile:

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Sounds fun.

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Arranger is really poweful.
Might take a little time getting used to the Arranger view with numerical values instead of knobs graphics, but hey, can even write text notes! :slight_smile:

Btw, you can use [Pattern] + [Trig Keys] to insert patterns when the cursor highlights the PAT column, don‘t have to use the level encoder.
Also Scenes can be put it with [Scene] + [Trig].


Cool! Did not know/retain from manual!

Hate encoders when you have a value in mind. Like unlocking an old safe.


I had a look at the arranger in the context of what we were talking about but couldn’t quite put into practise what was being suggested.

I found a work around though of just holding down the pattern button :joy:


I would love the ability to set BPM per pattern, or bank. Very annoying having to set BPM manually in between tracks in live situations.

Yes even per bank would be fine for me. Elektron have told me they want this too but it’s hard to do. Hope there’s an update around the corner.

Arranger again. You can use it momentarily, just to recall patterns and their BPM.


Yeah, I know about this method, but since this is a feature request thread I thought I’d request a feature so we won’t need workarounds to set BPM anymore. :slight_smile:

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Or a place where you can dream of features you’ll never have? :content:
If I remind a workaround, maybe it can suit someone who didn’t know it…

Priority to bug corrections!

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We’ve recently seen an update of Digi machines and AH, so hopefully something will land into OT as well. Even a small update like it was announced for TR8s after 9 months will do :smile:

[ Ver.1.13 ] SEP 2019

Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.

  • Importing a user sample sometimes produces a silent user sample.

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CUE mute ability in Arranger / Mixer / Mute mode.