OT + DN + Should I sell the DT?

So, I have an octatrack mk2, digitone and digitakt. And one needs to go.

The octatrack is a keeper. I also love to create sounds and mess around with the digitone. They seem like a good pair. The digitakt on the other hand is great. But I can sample in OT, and my mind prefer the workflow with machines.

I’ve read loads of threads etc. But it would be great to hear your opinion about this trio, and if the digitakt has some quality or space I didn’t think about (thus better to keep it).

Originally the digitakt was my “try drum machine out” solution, just to see if I should invest in an analog rytm in the future to combine with OT.

NO I wouldn’t sell it!

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If you’ve read lots of threads, you’ve read the opinions. Some will say yes, some will say no.
Ultimately no opinion matters but your own.

Dont listen to anyone on here, including me.


Don’t do anything rash. If you ever loved one you’ll love it again. Give it a bunch of time before you decide which to sell if at all. Unless you really don’t like one compared to the other. I don’t consider OT to be a replacement for a DT, very different workflows.

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For me the DT/OT overlap a bit.
But indeed different workflow.
But if I had DT/OT, and love already the OT, I would indeed switch the DT by an AR.
A bit less overlap.

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So, if that’s the argument then I don’t know what to think about.

The only alternative seems to be not to sell anything.

Great to hear about your different ideas. It’'s very nice to read forum threads, but this is super helpful.

@Roger I’m gonna take your advice. I always had a fling with the digitakt, but quickly grew tired of it, I’ve realized that I like to design sounds and tweak stuff. And that brings me to @yoyz2k Just a wild guess, but is it the sound that you think are superior with the AR in this matter?

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@ak I don’t find the sound of the AR better than the DT.
The DT will sound really modern and clean.
The AR will sound more darker.
I don’t really need a clean sampler because I won’t use the AR for that. So a sound which is colored is good for my use.

My sample on AR and DT are the same, mostly oneshot and small loop of 1-3s of perfectly looped audio of synth to be play chromatically.

In this use case the AR is better fit for me than the DT. Today my DT is at a friend house for the last 6 month.

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Sell it.
You’ll make someone happy, and can still find it later if you feel like you’re missing it.


The drawer “waiting for better times” is an option. I like the idea of having a digitakt just as much as I like to get rid of stuff I don’t use.


Sounds like you’ve made up your mind somewhat. Personally I went for the DT/DN combo because I love the Digitakt’s quick workflow, though the Octatrack is the deeper machine if you don’t mind grappling with its slightly more complex layout.

Try both combos for a week and see which you enjoy more. If you still can’t make up your mind after that work an odd job for a bit and have it all.


Me too and I’ve started to use OT for most of my drum tracks. I don’t even use my beloved Machinedrum that much anymore because I have samples of DN, MD and LXR-2 along with a lot of mangled field recordings in OT and I have all the tools there to make them sound good (filter, comp etc.). It’s very easy to control when playing live and you can do so much with the cross fader. I guess it’s easier to use DT for beats but I never had one and I like using OT (with DN).
Yes I’d also say try both combos first.

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@LyingDalai You make it sound so clear, thank you! :space_invader: @SouvlakiPlaystation yes, but this thread have mixed things up. I appreciate the input. And @Soarer, I enjoy reading about your experience and workflow, I totally agree with your point.

To conclude: This forum is fantastic.


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