OT Delay — Sync 'Off' values


Is there a reference anywhere as to what the values of the Delay mean when ‘Sync’ is switch to ‘Off’?

I find the delay sounds better this way but unsure as to what 0-128 means in this context.


Or for example – if it is tempo sync’d. What’s the maths to work out an 1/8D delay?

Covered in a few earlier threads … here’s one to get you started (edit: A4 though, apologies, read across with a factor of 2x to get OT equivalents … so a 1/4note delay on A4 is 32, whereas on OT it is 64)


That’s a great reference thank you.

I just actually realised you divide the values. 5/16 would be 128/16x5=40.

1/8D is 24 isn’t it ?

48, default setting, is 1/4D.
Luckily, my favorite delay setting. :thup:

The OT manual says the value is measured in 256 notes and that 64 equals a one beat (4 16th note) delay, the A4 and AR manual say it’s measured in 128 notes and a setting of 32 equals a one beat (4 16th) delay…
Not sure what happens with sync off on OT, should explore…

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Ok so in OT, default 48 setting is 1/8D. I had doubts but I thought the cheat was for OT.

On OT 48 should be 3 16th notes, 32 should be 1/8, 64 should be 1/4…

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So it’s basically as per below doubled?

I often use 5/16 delay on my Eventide boxes, how would you work that out — presuming it would be 80?