OT can you send Master track to Cue?

Anyone know if it’s possible? Didn’t see it in the manual but thought there might be some ninjas here.

You can send every audio track to main out and cue track simultaneously. And you can send everything to cue out only. See manual for “Cue mutes Track”.
It should work with: hold Track (master) an “Cue”.

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Possible to record Master Track T8 with T7 (Flex), using it as a Neighbor track. Send Cue with T7.

I’ve tried on the master but it doesn’t unfortunately (others work as expected). Maybe I’m missing a setting though

Hmm, that’s an interesting tip.

AFAIK, you can’t cue the master track.
If you have T8 as master track, all cued tracks also aren’t effected by master fx.

Everything that is routed to main outs goes through the master track fx, all cued tracks go through cue outs.
Great for using the OT as a drum machine with master track fx, because you can route thru machines and other stuff through cue outs.
With master fx it’s possible to filter all drums for transition, apply reverb etc. while all synth stuff keeps playing.

The only way is to use a recorder buffer like @sezare56 said.


Forgot to mention, if T7 Level is above 0, there is feedback. Feedback is usable as a delay, a shimmer reverb…