OT as slave?

Hi, in my band’s set up my OT mkII is slave to an external sequencer. As an intro for a song I want to send midi to some synths (by pressing ‘play’) without receiving clock from the master sequencer but then when master sequencer starts the song I want my OT to start from bar 0. Right now it just continues wherever the OT’s sequence is. Anybody?


OT needs to receive a STOP midi transport message before the master PLAY message.
Does this sequencer can program such messages? If not, it can play an “empty” sequence, stop > play, and OT will play synced.

Or stop OT just before to play the master.

The easiest being to control everything with the Master, even your intro. Eventually you can disable Clock momentarily.

Different tempo?

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thanks for responding! the song was already completely programmed before we thought about adding the intro and the external sequencer (behringer BCR2000 made into a ‘zaquencer’) can’t send a midi stop message, and no more room for an empty pattern. but we’re going to solve it by making whatever we need as an intro into a sample and using the OT’s sample trigger.

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Ideally I try and use the octatrack as the master source but when I’m trying to cut down on space I use the Tempest as the master clock for tempo changes and stuff (the tempest’s clock kinda sucks but as long as everything’s synced to it I haven’t’ noticed any problems playing live)

OT slaved by that! :scream:
:smile: Sorry but as I use my OT with realtime recording / mangling with rec trigs I can’t imagine it slaved anyway.
But it can be slaved. :content: