OT and akai s5000

How do I use the midi-seq on the OT to talk to the s5000… I’m banging my head off walls… a trig on the OT triggers all the sounds in the program on the s5000 please help me please

You have to choose the right midi channels.
Something like :

OT midi track 1 channel 1 > S5000 Prog 1 channel 1
OT midi track 2 channel 2 > S5000 Prog 2 channel 2

@Supercolor_T-120 and @roadmoviemusic have OT and S5000 if I remember well.

Yes but that just plays all the sound files in the multi

Check S5000 midi channels, omni mode, multi, etc. Not related to OT apparently.

Getting somewhere, but not entirely… also when I triger a note from my OT to akais, the sound isn’t playing back in right key and theirs an echo… the mpc1000 was so much easier using with this akias the ot is a nightmare :frowning:

got it had to change the note on the OT to C4 instead of C3 which the 5000 is in… still can’t get the midi triggers to work right

Number can differ depending in manufacturers.
Yeah, the S5000 is a complicated beast I didn’t keep 15 years ago! Good luck !

still having issues with all the samples triggering on the s5000… it’s playing all the samzpes in keygroup.

it also appears if I have midi channel off on the OT or 1 or 2 or any number up 16 it still registers on midi channel on the akais…

OT don’t send notes with channel off.
Check if Akai is on Omni mode.

where do i find omni

Unless I can’t create a keyboard with all 11 sounds, so I need to create a seperate key group for all 11 samples?

In the manual.


No where can I see it i’m looking at the manual don’t need r ude comments please I’m just trying to get this to work… i don’t think omni is the issue.

I’m gussing from the manual I need to make a multia for each sample if i don’t want them layered

I’m guissing I can’t assign midi channels seperate in one big group

yup that indead was my problem… i have to make multie for each different drum beat using the ot seq… but with mpc1000 i can assing pads in keygropu

also sounds like your key groups are overlapping.

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Yes I just found that out, with the OT I can’t have more then one instrument in a group unless i want them to overlap

that’s what velocity switching is for in the akai. you can make layers that only trigger for certain velocity ranges.

double check your midi assignments for the programs… each should have its own midi channel. and then make sure your keygroups aren’t overlapping unless you’re doing some velocity switching.

I follow but I have no idea where to assign the midi velocoty on the s5000… it’s so much easy with the mpc1000… how do I access this velocity ranges you speak of… in the keygroup or keyspans? could you explain this in lament terms?

it’s very easy in theory t o setup something but if you don’t have an s5000 it’s hard to explain… could you take a photo of your s5000 screens?

you can only assign different midi channels in the multi screen, no where else… if you could explain ro take photo your screen that would be great… hence why i have to make a multi program for each seperate drum channel